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Head of Primary Message Week 8

An exceptional end to an extraordinary half term. It is with great pride that I reflect upon the many successes of the last 8 weeks. We recently shared a Throwback Thursday as an opportunity to enjoy some of the hard work and creativity on display. When trying to compile a montage of such achievements we inevitably always fall short; it is simply not possible to capture the remarkable successes in just a few minutes. However, this does not stop us trying and there is a Spotlight on Half Term 1 available for all to enjoy.

We know from the fantastic feedback that parents have taken the opportunity to join their children’s learning journeys. Although no one would choose Virtual School over on-campus learning, this opportunity to guide and learn from our own children is unique. Never before have parents been able to enjoy such a rich insight into the attainment, progress and achievement of their own children. For many parents, the last first-hand experience of school will have been decades ago. Inevitably, things have moved forward since then. However, at ISB we strive to ensure we always focus on the fundamentals of mastery learning. Our aim is that each student has a deep understanding of concepts and builds upon solid foundations, acquiring knowledge whilst reasoning and problem solving with ever increasing confidence. We nurture academic excellence within an inclusive environment and always begin with wellbeing.

ISB continues to lead global conversations in all areas of education. We are always looking at ways to improve, as any exceptional learning school should. However, the fundamentals remain. All children should leave Primary education with the ability to read, write communicate, calculate and problem solve. All children should have the confidence to question, explore, resolve conflict, and negotiate. I hope that the current window into our learning environment allows parents to experience this for themselves. The world will be very different when parents return to the routine of dropping their children off at the school gates. When we do return to this much needed normality, we will continue to learn lessons from Virtual School to ensure that these important connections are not diminished.

Thank you for joining our exceptional staff on this journey. Without the positivity and support of the entire ISB community, it would not be possible to ensure everyone excels.

Mr Michael Everett | Head of Primary

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