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Student Devices (Yr5/Yr6) 💻


We continue to explore a few options and are following up on the latest studies and global research. For now, I would like to inform you that we will not be implementing a BYOD policy until January of Year 5 at the earliest. Students will not bring any devices to school in the first term of Year 5. 🗓️ BYOD will not begin until January 2025 for the current Yr4 cohort. There could still be changes to what we recommend in terms of which devices will be most suitable and so we also advise not to purchase any device until we have shared further information.


At ISB, we have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in Year 5 and Year 6. To ensure that we create an environment in which teaching and learning leads the use of technology, students must be able to access the following two sites on their laptops.

Top Tip 💡

Within your browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari etc.) bookmark these who sites and save the login credentials for instant access. Alternatively, save a shortcut for each on the desktop.

Microsoft 365 Apps


We use Microsoft 365 throughout Primary and into Secondary. Access to the Microsoft apps, using your ISB email address and password is essential.

Seesaw Learning Journal


Each student has a Seesaw Learning Journal. Access Seesaw using the student Home Learning Code. Once logged in, this can be saved to the device for instant access.

Device Sharing 👥

It is highly recommended that BYOD student devices are not shared at home. Sharing devices causes issues with logins at school and prevents these two essential sites being instantly accessible. Ideally, student devices will be used only by the individual student and these two sites will be saved as bookmarks or both tabs will automatically open (signed in) when a web browser is launched.

A Closer Look 👀

Microsoft 365 Apps include Outlook for email as well as Word and PowerPoint for content creation. Within Microsoft 365, students can also save work into their OneDrive to ensure all documents are backed up in the cloud.

All students are issued with a Microsoft 365 account when joining the school. This gives them free access to Microsoft 365 online and the option to download Microsoft 365 office apps on up to 5 devices. Students need to log on to their account online at and click on the ‘install Office’ button. This will install Microsoft Office on your laptop or device.

⚠️ There is no need to purchase Office 365, it is provided by ISB.

Additional Sites ➕

At times, students will require access to additional sites, such as TT Rock Stars or Canva for example. School staff will assist in accessing these sites. However, it makes it much easier if the student does not share the device with other family members as user names and passwords can then be saved within the web browser.

Recommendations ℹ️

In school, students can use Apple MacBooks or Windows Laptops. we recommend purchasing a device with the latest operating system to ensure longevity.

🔋 🪫 Battery Life

The device should have at least a 4-hour battery life (lockable charging stations are available at lunchtimes outside the library). New batteries can be purchased for existing laptops at a reasonably low price, but do need ordering in advance from the relevant dealer.

💾 Storage

If the device itself does not have adequate local storage for large files, then an additional storage device should be used. We recommend having access to 256gb of storage. A Solid State Drive (SSD) is also recommended.

💻 Screen Size

Should a student use a small screen at school, ISB recommend students have access to a larger screen when at home or the option to bring a device with a larger screen when working on creative projects. We recommend 11" screen or larger. Consider the trade off between screen size and weight/portability or the device.

💵 Insurance & Warranty

Student owned laptops are not covered by the school’s insurance policy and will be the responsibility of the student/parent. However, local insurance companies will insure personal laptops as part of the home insurance package: please speak with your insurance company to find out how your student laptops can be covered under your insurance. We also recommend that parents opt for the extended warranty at the time of purchase, which will cover the devices for the number of years that they expect it to be used by your child in school.

🔐 Lockers & Charging

All students will be able to store their laptop in the lockable classroom laptop cupboard each day and after school when attending an ECA. Lockable charging stations are available at lunchtimes outside the library. We recommend that students use a lock with a key and give a spare key to their class teacher.

🌏 Digital Citizenship

Your child will receive lessons covering all aspects of Online Safety and BYOD device management. Your child must be familiar with how to use their device. Teachers will then incorporate the use of your child’s device into learning. Students will then receive guidelines in using their device in school through the Computer Science programme where they cover digital literacy, safe use of social media, cyber-bullying, electronic footprints and safety on line (including relationships).


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