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Seesaw App📱

One app for everything, all in one place...

🌟 Seesaw is now available as one mobile app for iOS or Android devices for students and families. There are no longer two separate Seesaw Class and Seesaw Family apps. This single app allows students and families to switch easily between active users.

1️⃣ Beginning in January 2023, you can access multiple accounts on the same device. This means that families and students can now be logged in on the same device and easily switch between different accounts without having to sign in and out.

➕ Would you like additional family accounts? Just let us know. We can add in as many family members to your child's journal as you like. This is a great way for family to maintain a connection with your child's learning journey. All we need is an additional email address.

Family Account

Families will receive an invite to join Seesaw by email. Please ensure that you have provided the Primary Office with your email address. We can add as many family members as you like, so please let us know if you would like additional accounts.

With the Family Account, you will see all posts in one single feed, from all classes your children are a member of and all previous classes. Families also receive all messages sent home and will be notified by email when a new post or message is added to a child's journal.

Once a family member has created account, this will remain unchanged throughout Primary. There is no need to make a new account each year and all journal entries remain accessible until the end of Year 6.

Student Account

All students will have a Home Learning Code made up of 16 letters. This code will expire after one year but a new code can be requested at any time. The Home Learning Code enables each child to access their own account within the same app. Parents can now switch between student and family accounts within the app for full functionality.

The student account opens access to any activities posted as well as the Class Blogs. New entries can be added to a child's journal through the student account. Only current classes can be accessed though the student account. To see work from previous years, access through the family account is required.

Who is in my child's class?


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