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Birthdays @ ISB 🥳

We are of course happy to celebrate birthdays at school. We understand that children (and staff) of all ages enjoy recognising important milestones. We are also mindful to ensure all students and parents receive consistent messages and we must always prioritise school as a place of learning.

With this in mind we ask all parents to adhere to the following:

✅ We are happy for parents to send individual cupcakes to school for their child's class

✅ We are happy to distribute printed party invites (class lists)

❌ Please do not send whole cakes that need to be cut up and shared 🎂

❌ Please do not send any other snacks or shared food to school 🥟

❌ Please do not send any goody bags or gifts to school 🛍️

With the number of students we have in school, we must consistently apply the above to ensure fairness. We understand that each child has but one big day a year, but please consider the impact on learning when this is multiplied by the entire school population.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Everett in Seesaw messages.


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