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New Green & Pink passes issued August 2023!

With limited space on campus, it is important all parents follow the procedures below to ensure the safe and efficient collection of all students. Passes with a new design will be issued in August 2023.

All families with students in Pre Kindy to Year 2 have been issued with a GREEN PASS. This will allow entry on to campus at the following times:

Pre Kindy and Kindy - arrival from 11am for an 11:30am collection from Car Park A.

Reception - arrival from 1pm for a 1:20pm collection from the Reception classroom external doors (please park and walk on to campus).

Year 1 and Year 2 - arrival from 1pm for a 1:45pm collection from the Year 1 and Year 2 playground (please park and walk on to campus).

Please note that children in Year 2 and below are not permitted to be collected by Primary age siblings.

All families without a green pass but with students in Year 3 to Year 6 will be issued with a PINK PASS. This will allow entry on to campus at 1:45pm for a drive-through collection from the main entrance. Students in Year 3 to Year 6 will independently make their way to the main entrance for collection.

Students in Year 3 and above are permitted to wait for older siblings at the Piano Steps and join them for the Secondary drive-through collection.


Friday is an incredibly busy day on campus. Therefore, we will now facilitate a drive-through collection for students of all ages. Primary collection will begin at 11:15 for GREEN and PINK PASS holders.

Drive-through collection points for Primary GREEN and PINK PASS holders:

  • Pre Kindy to Reception will be in Car Park A at 11:15am

  • Year 1 to Year 4 will be at the main entrance at 11:15am

  • Year 5 and Year 6 will be at the main entrance at 11:15am


Primary students with Secondary siblings are permitted to join the Secondary collection at 11:45am

For any Primary student with a Secondary sibling, we know parents will want to collect at the same time. Therefore, we have established the following protocols:

  • Pre Kindy to Reception (with Secondary siblings) will remain supervised and will be ready for drive-through collection at 11:45am from Car Park A

  • Year 1 and Year 2 (with Secondary siblings) can be collected by the Secondary siblings from the Friendship Circle en route to their collection point at 11:45am

  • Year 3 to Year 6 (with Secondary siblings) will remain in class until 11:45am and then join the Secondary collection with their siblings

Please note there is currently no Swimming Pool access until further notice due to building works at the Theatre.


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