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Brunei History & Culture 🇧🇳

At ISB, we are committed to enhancing students' understanding of Brunei's history and culture through our broad and balanced curriculum. This has been integrated to provide our community with a better global perspective, fostering intercultural understanding, appreciation, and respect among individuals at ISB.

This also includes an ongoing research project which is dedicated to strengthening our connections with local museums, businesses, and cultural centres. Its primary objective is to ensure that every ISB student, whether local or foreign, residing in Brunei gains a profound insight into the rich history and vibrant culture of Brunei.

This initiative has been seamlessly woven into the curriculum, with the goal of offering our students a more comprehensive global perspective. By fostering intercultural understanding, appreciation, and respect, we aim to create an environment at ISB where al individuals, regardless of their background, can thrive and coexist harmoniously.

The importance of intercultural learning cannot be overstated. It equips our students with the knowledge and skills to engage with the country they call home, encouraging them to respect diversity and recognise the beauty of multiculturalism that defines ISB's unique identity. Through this approach, we aspire to nurture a community of globally aware, culturally-sensitive individuals who will contribute positively not only to ISB but also to the world at large.

Brunei Art and Handicraft

Students will discover Brunei's rich history of handicraft and art whilst having the opportunity to turn their hand to Tenunan weaving. Creative projects will focus on using these newly acquired skills to create authentic items. Students will also have the opportunity to discover local art and artists.

Educational Experiences

  • Visit to Brunei Handicraft Museum

  • Weaving & Textiles experience

Year 2

Throughout Year 2, students will have English and Art focuses on Brunei mangroves, Markets: Then & Now and local nature.

Educational Experiences

  • Book Study “Into the Mangroves” by Maziyah Yussof.

  • Road trip from Temburong Bridge – lunch at Mentiri Besar – Yayasan.

  • Visit from a local artist.

  • Ms. Honey to give a lesson on the evolvement of markets from 1970’s to present day.

  • Visit to nearby Bruneian Landscape.


The children will be visiting the Kota Batu Archaeological Park following lessons on rocks and fossils. This will give them the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in archaeology.

Educational Experiences

  • Visit to Kota Batu Archaeological Park.

  • Opportunity to look at real life excavation site.

  • Children will witness historical local primary resource and add to their sense of time in historical chronology.


This year the children will be focusing on Civilizations, Inventors and Inventions and Habitats and Biodiversity. This gives the opportunity for them to get an insight of how Brunei became a kingdom, who the first sultan of Brunei was, types of Bruneian inventions and classification of local flora and fauna. They will also get to see the evolution of the architectural changes of Kampung Ayer throughout the centuries and experience various Bruneian habitats.

Educational Experiences

  • Lesson on How Brunei Became a Kingdom & The First Sultan of Brunei – Awang Alak Betatar.

  • Visit to Brunei Legislative Council to learn how Brunei Government is run and how laws are created.

  • Visit to Brunei Malay Technological Museum to learn about the history and advancement of Kampung Ayer.

  • Labi Tropical Biodiversity Center.

  • Residential to Mendaram Besar Long House with traditional dance and activities.

  • Visit of local artist.

Sultan Bolkiah V (15th Century)

Students will learn all about this extraordinary time in Brunei's history and discover the achievements of Sultan Bolkiah V. In addition, student will also learn about Brunei's links to Ancient China, discovering ancient trade routes. A timeline of significant events in Brunei's history will be created.

Educational Experiences

  • Visit to Brunei History Centre to learn about Sultan Bolkiah V and The Golden Age of Brunei.

World War 2 (1930's & 1940's)

With a focus on the Japanese occupation of Brunei during World War 2, students will learn what life was like during this time in history. In addition, students will be introduced to first-hand accounts of life in Brunei at this time and learn about a key character with quite a story to tell.

Educational Experiences

  • A detailed video account of a survivor during the Japanese occupation of Brunei.

Curriculum Content

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