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Writing Progress ✍️

At ISB, we encourage children to become confident writers. Writing underpins a lot of our communication so it is a vital skill for students. We teach about the writing process, which includes generating ideas, drafting work, editing and checking.

The Importance of Talk

Before students can write, they need to be able to speak in clear sentences to share their ideas. We place a lot of emphasis on discussion and talk as well as extending vocabulary. At school, we do lots of discussion based activities to help students explore language and learn to communicate their ideas.


From Year 2, once children are secure with their phonic knowledge, we teach spelling patterns. We want students to feel equipped to approach their writing with joy, confidence and creativity.

Monitoring progress in writing over time is fundamental to ensuring each student reaches their full potential. At ISB, the foundations for writing begin in Early Years, with children writing recognisable letters and correctly forming them, spelling words by identifying sounds and writing simple phrases and sentences that can be read by others. Writing is a specific area of focus within the wider Early Learning Goals.

As students progress through Primary, they use increasingly complex spelling, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary and language.

In Seesaw, parents will see a number of handwritten examples within the Writing Progress Over Time folder of the main class group. Here, there will be a combination of Cold Writes (first attempts), Hot Writes (final drafts), Independent Writes, Scaffolded Writes (with help) and Assessed Writes. In Seesaw, parents will have access to examples of writing written in books, on paper, using mini whiteboards and many other creative mediums.

Written work in Seesaw forms part of our wider reporting to parents and enables writing to be shared throughout the learning journey, from Pre Kindy to Year 6.

In addition to the writing each students does in school, we also share weekly resources through our Free Write Friday provision within Seesaw.

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