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Head of Primary Message Week 38

Dear ISB Primary Staff,

It has been a privilege to witness your dedication to ensuring that every child in our care excels during this incredibly strange school year. A school is much more than merely a collection of classrooms, it is a family and at the heart of every success is you, the ISB staff. From the classroom staff to those who support learning behind the scenes, it has been wonderful to see how creative and innovative you are. This year, there has 'always been a way' and solutions have been found to problems we never imagined would exist.

It is impossible to articulate the intricacy and scope of the work which takes place in a 'normal' school year, let alone during the recently disrupted one. As a staff team, you have provided parents with unprecedented access to the teaching and learning process and enabled the learning journey to continue uninterrupted.

I know that nobody entered this profession to work behind a screen, and adaptations have had to be made far beyond any comfort zone. However, in an entirely public forum, the necessary changes have been made and have been incredibly successful.

The entire ISB community is very lucky to have such a talented and dedicated Primary School staff. To those leaving ISB at the end of this academic year, thank you for your service and we wish you well in your new adventures.

Thank you for the incredible work this year and here's hoping for a 'normal' 2022/23.

Please enjoy the well-earned break and I am positive that everyone will return rejuvenated in August to tackle all the challenges of a new school year!

Kind regards,

Michael Everett

Head of Primary

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