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Head of Primary Message Week 36

Year 6 Ceremony 🥳

Congratulations to the Year 6 class of 2024 👏. This is a significant milestone, and each of you should be incredibly proud of your achievements. As you continue from primary school to the next exciting chapter of your education, it’s a wonderful moment to reflect on how far you've come and to look forward to the future with excitement and confidence.

Primary school forms the foundation of your educational journey and is where you learn the fundamental skills that are the building blocks for all future learning. You learn how to interact with peers and teachers, developing essential social skills. You learn to share, cooperate, and resolve conflicts, which are vital abilities both in and out of the classroom. Your teachers inspire curiosity and a love for learning, this is where you start to discover your interests and passions. We know that your positive experience in primary will ignite a lifelong love for learning and exploration.

Primary school is a time for creating memories and friendships. The friends you make and the experiences you have will stay with you for many years. These connections and memories are an integral part of your personal development.

Graduating in 2031 🎓

This cohort of Year 6 students will graduate from school in 2031. In the year 2031, those who have just finished school will be stepping into a world vastly transformed by technology, social change, and environmental consciousness. As they graduate, they'll find themselves in a society where artificial intelligence and automation are seamlessly integrated into daily life, making tasks more efficient and opening new career paths that didn't exist a decade before.

The graduates of 2031 will be more globally connected than any generation before them, with virtual reality and advanced communication tools bridging gaps between cultures and countries. The pressing challenges of climate change and sustainability will have fostered a greater sense of environmental stewardship, influencing everything from their career choices to lifestyle habits. In this dynamic and interconnected world, the class of 2031 will be uniquely equipped to navigate and shape the future, carrying forward the lessons and innovations of their formative years. Exciting times ahead....

Introducing... 🔴 🟡 🔵 🟢

I am delighted to share that we have a new set of House Captains, ready to lead us into the next academic year. Congratulations to 🟥 Alannah, Malia, Genevieve, 🟦 Tarang, Farida, Hani, 🟩 Feza, Yiwa, Oli, 🟨 Warid, Ryan, Jandré on their new leadership roles. We are looking forward to the positive impact we know you will have on school life.

TT Rock Stars 🎸

After an intense display of mathematical prowess and quick thinking, the TTRS competition has just come to a close! Congratulations to all the participants for their incredible efforts and brilliant performances. You've multiplied, divided, and conquered!

We now have our Top 30 for the year, with the ten fastest players added to our permanent leaderboard in school. Special congratulations to Qader, Zhenhong and Esther, our Top 3. You all rock 🎸 🎸 👏.

Every single player in the top 30 is answering at a greater speed than one question per second. 👏 👏 The top 3 are all answering at faster then two questions per second! That's ⚡️ fast. 💨

It's been a busy week... 🤩

This week six more students have Gone Green in Times Tables Rock Stars.

Pre Kindy have been running outside, Kindy have been to the petting zoo, Reception have been doing Yoga, Year 1 have been making structures and exploring attachment techniques, Year 2 have been experimenting with texture, Year 3 have been reading play scripts, Year 4 have speaking about sustainability, Year 5 have been baking and Year 6 have had some wonderful celebrations.

Rugby 🏉 & Netball 🏐 Festival

This week, all students in Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 participated in a Rugby, Netball and Swim festival. For some, this included travelling to compete against students from other schools. For others, the festival took place in here at ISB. It was great to see students developing their fine and gross motor skills through running, catching, throwing, and coordination drills. The activities required strategic planning and quick decision-making, both of which enhance cognitive abilities. Well done to all involved.

It's all in Seesaw ℹ️

We understand the importance of effective communication with parents. Using Seesaw as our single communication system ensures consistent messaging, reducing the risk of misinformation or confusion. Parents can easily access information from one central location, making it more convenient and user-friendly. There is no longer a need for parents to redistribute information now that each parent has a single access point with only information relevant to their own child/children.

We have set up year group specific notices 💬 within Seesaw messages to make sure that parents only receive relevant information and that everything is organised within a single thread.

We have also pinned a new set of useful links to the top of each new class group for next year. Using this link, you will have access to news, curriculum overviews, timetables and schedules, calendar and events, canteen order form, House Points, updates and information.

Seesaw is our central hub. All important updates, announcements, and documents are available in one place.

If you have any questions about any aspect of school life, please do not hesitate to message me in Seesaw.

Mr Michael Everett | Head of Primary 


🗓️ Monday 17th June: Public holiday (school closed)

🗓️ Wednesday 19th June: Moving up day (visit new classes and teachers)

🗓️ Wednesday 19th & Thursday 20th June: Yr6 to Yr7 Experience Days

🗓️ Thursday 20th June: Reception visit to JP Playground

🗓️ Thursday 20th June: Yr1 visit to JP Waterpark

🗓️ Thursday 20th June: Welcome to Kindy & Picnic 🧺

🗓️ Friday 21st June: Kindy to Reception Welcome & Picnic 🧺

🗓️ Friday 21st June: Swim Gala Yr3 to Yr6 (see below)

🗓️ Thursday 27th June: Yr6 Bowling 🎳

🗓️ Friday 28th June : Reception to Yr1 Welcome

🗓️ Friday 28th June: Yr5 Young Entrepreneurs Assembly

🗓️ Friday 5th July: Last day of term

Invites for parent workshops have gone out in Seesaw and parents can read more about the journey to Secondary on our dedicated Middle Years page.

Swim Gala Times

👥 Yr3 and Yr4

🗓️ Friday 21st June

⏰ 7:45am - 9:15am

👥 Yr5 and Yr6

🗓️ Friday 21st June

⏰ 9:30am - 11am


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