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Head of Primary Message Week 32

Enrichment in education refers to programmes, activities, and instructional strategies designed to enhance the learning experience for students beyond the classroom. These initiatives aim to deepen students' understanding, foster a love of learning, and develop skills in critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving. Enrichment can take many forms; Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs), projects, workshops, field trips, excursions, mentorship programmes, technology integration, research, competitions, challenges, cultural and artistic experiences, to name but a few.

Throughout Primary, we have a comprehensive programme of enrichment activities, including school trips and residential visits. Beginning in Pre Kindy with a short bus ride around the campus and visits to local places of interest, all students are offered a number of enrichment opportunities. These local visits continue to progress up to a sleepover in school during Year 3, an overnight mini-residential at the ISB Seria campus in Year 4, a three-day jungle experience in Temburong in Year 5 and the opportunity for international travel in Year 6 and beyond. ⛺️ ✈️

During such visits, outdoor learning offers an abundance of benefits. Firstly, it provides a hands-on experience, making learning more engaging and memorable. Being outdoors encourages physical activity, which is vital for children's health and wellbeing. Additionally, it fosters a connection with nature, promoting environmental awareness. Outdoor settings also offer opportunities for exploration, problem solving, and teamwork, enhancing cognitive and social skills. Overall, outdoor learning enriches the educational experience and contributes to holistic child development.

When students reach Year 3 and beyond, overnight residential experiences take outdoor learning to the next level by immersing students in extended periods of outdoor exploration. These experiences offer unique opportunities for personal growth, independence, and resilience-building. Away from familiar environments, students learn to adapt to new situations, develop new skills, and build confidence. Moreover, living in close quarters with peers fosters teamwork, communication, and empathy. These experiences create lasting memories and instil a lifelong appreciation for the outdoors, while also promoting social, emotional, and cognitive development in children.

Why so many photos? 📸

Sharing lots of photos during school trips and residential activities is important for fostering meaningful conversations between parents and their children after the event and photos serve as excellent conversation starters. Parents can ask specific questions about the trip, making it easier for children to share their experiences in detail. Visuals provide context, helping children articulate their experiences and feelings more effectively. Parents gain a better understanding of what their child did and learned, fostering a deeper connection to their child's educational journey. Overall, sharing lots of photos during school trips and residentials plays a crucial role in enhancing communication, preserving memories, fostering emotional connections, and supporting educational reflection. It enables parents to engage meaningfully with their children, creating a richer, more connected experience for everyone involved.

Celebration of Learning 👥

On Friday 24th May, we will welcome all parents into school. Each Year Group will be hosting a different set of activities for parents to join and we look forward to hosting you for this event. As the activities differ from year group to year group, please see below an overview so that you can plan your morning and avoid any potential sibling clashes. The activities being planned (with the exception of Reception) are designed for parents to come and go. I really hope you enjoy the experience.

It's been a busy week... 🤩

This week four more students have Gone Green in Times Tables Rock Stars.

Year 6 have published some very impressive writing, Year 5 have been looking at solutions and evaporation, Year 4 have spent the night away from home, Year 3 have been experimenting with friction, Year 2 have been performing on stage, Year 1 have been using similes, Reception have been using a parachute, Kindy have been jumping in muddy puddles, and Pre Kindy have been slippin' and slidin'.

If you have any questions about any aspect of school life, please do not hesitate to message me in Seesaw.

Mr Michael Everett | Head of Primary 


🗓️ Friday 24th May: Celebration of Learning (open morning)

🗓️ Friday 24th May: Reception Concert

🗓️ Friday 24th to Saturday 25th May: Year 3 Sleepover

🗓️ Tuesday 4th to Friday 7th June: Dr Dolittle 🦜

🗓️ Friday 7th June: Swim Gala Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

🗓️ Tuesday 11th June: BJSL Tag Rugby & Netball (BJSL Squad)

🗓️ Friday 14th June: Yr6 Ceremony

🗓️ Wednesday 19th & Thursday 20th June: Year 6 to Year 7 Experience Days

🗓️ Friday 21st June: Swim Gala Year 3 to Year 6

🗓️ Friday 28th June: Year 5 Young Entrepreneurs Assembly

🗓️ Friday 5th July: Last day of term


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