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Head of Primary Message Week 31

My recent weekly messages have focussed on our culture of academic excellence within an inclusive environment. Having academic rigour at the core of what we do ensures everyone succeeds and excels. I know that parents would not expect anything less.

In addition, the opportunity for children to perform on stage at a young age is incredibly beneficial for their overall development. Engaging in performing arts can significantly enhance children's cognitive and motor skills. It helps them to be quick thinkers and improvise when unexpected situations arise, which are valuable skills both on and off the stage.

Performing on stage allows children to master their anxiety, build confidence, and develop empathy by putting themselves in someone else's shoes. This emotional intelligence is crucial for personal growth and forming relationships. The discipline and focus required for performing can translate into better overall successes in school.

In Primary, our aim is to provide a platform for children to express themselves freely and explore their creativity. This fosters a sense of individuality and can lead to a lifelong appreciation for the arts. Through performing, children learn valuable life skills such as teamwork and patience. These skills are transferable to many other areas of life, including future careers.

Overall, the experience of performing on stage equips students with a diverse set of skills and attributes that contribute to their holistic development. It's an enriching experience that can shape their character and future in profound ways. The ISB theatre was brought to life this week with a plethora or diverse performances that personified this culture perfectly.

We're all in this together... 🎶

A few special thank yous, including Ms Sharon and Ms Sarah for putting the showcase together. In addition, our wonderful team of expert Learning Assistants and Learning Support Assistants who managed the students so well throughout the rehearsals and performances. The relationships that Learning Assistants and Learning Support Assistants have with individual students is key to ensuring every child feels safe and makes progress. A school can buy into every resource available, but if they don't have those key relationships, children just wont thrive. Thank you also to Mr Crook and to the AV Tech Team who ensured everything happened in the order intended and that every child had their chance to shine.

It's been a busy week... 🤩

This week seven more students have Gone Green in Times Tables Rock Stars.

Pre Kindy have had a teddy bear picnic with the Yr1 children, Kindy have been on a bear hunt, Reception have been preparing for their own showcase, Year 1 have baking and sharing cookies, Year 2 have been planting bulbs and seeds, Year 3 have been writing diary entries, Year 4 have been multiplying, Year 5 have been working with coordinates, and Year 6 have been interviewing historical figures.

If you have any questions about any aspect of school life, please do not hesitate to message me in Seesaw.

Mr Michael Everett | Head of Primary


🗓️ Wednesday 15th to Thursday 16th May: Yr4 Seria Sleepover

🗓️ Friday 17th May: Year 2 Assembly

🗓️ Friday 24th May: Celebration of Learning (open morning)

🗓️ Friday 24th May: Reception Concert

🗓️ Friday 24th to Saturday 25th May: Year 3 Sleepover

🗓️ Friday 7th June: Swim Gala Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

🗓️ Tuesday 11th June: BJSL Tag Rugby & Netball (BJSL Squad)

🗓️ Friday 14th June: Yr6 Ceremony

🗓️ Wednesday 19th & Thursday 20th June: Year 6 to Year 7 Experience Days

🗓️ Friday 21st June: Swim Gala Year 3 to Year 6

🗓️ Friday 28th June: Year 5 Young Entrepreneurs Assembly

🗓️ Friday 5th July: Last day of term


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