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Head of Primary Message Week 17

What do we want from a return to campus?

At ISB, we work to ensure Everyone Excels. Detailed planning is now underway to ensure we are absolutely prepared for more students to return as soon as permitted to do so by the MOE and MOH. But what do we want from the return to campus? What will our initial priorities be?

We know that the learning journey has continued uninterrupted online. We know that all students have had continued access to a broad and balanced curriculum. So what will we do during those first few week back?

We want our children to simply ‘be’ together. It will be vitally important that students of all ages rebuild resilience and rediscover the art of negotiation. We will focus on problem solving, using knowledge already acquired and utilising it to solve ‘real world’ problems.

We will focus on nurturing a culture of creativity whilst ensuring we continue with the Mastery Learning approach, building upon solid foundations.

We must allow time for unstructured play. Through play, children solidify the connections made in their learning and teachers have an opportunity to quantify and qualify the progress being made.

In order to further enhance the connection between physical school and the work students are doing online, we will begin a process of sending home certain physical items from next week. Items such as Writing books that students will work in, will come back to school with them when we are permitted to return to campus.

In the meantime work students complete in these books will also be uploaded to Seesaw for feedback. We will also be sending some Art supplies home and other items from next week but this will depend on the curriculum within each year group (more info to follow).

More information will be sent on Monday as we will begin the collection of Writing books first. This will be a drive-through collection and we would also encourage families to collect for each other where appropriate.

The entire ISB community is looking forward to National Day and Chinese New Year celebrations. We will be hosting a series of special live assemblies to mark these important occasions and I know that our wonderful team of Language Teachers have already started preparations. Thank you to all those involved, I know that these will be fantastic community events.

A special thank you to our ISB Head Boy and Head Girl, Alfie and Cheryl, who both did a great job with hosting the live assembly this week. In case you missed it, remember to check out our YouTube Channel though a link on the Primary Newsfeed.

This week, we also announced the special winners of the photo competition. Full details revealed in the live assembly and congratulations to all our winners and entries, a very talented group of photographers.

Year 6 have been expanding their vocabulary, Year 5 have been measuring perimeter and area, Year 4 have been entangled in Charlotte’s Web, Year 3 have been working on multiplication, Year 2 have been sharing news, Year 1 have been on a colour scavenger hunt, Reception have enjoyed Live PE with Mr Jeremy, and our youngest children in Pre Kindy and Kindy continue to lead the way with their return to campus.

Mr Michael Everett | Head of Primary

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