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Head of Primary Message Week 16

What is school?

As well as providing access to a knowledge rich curriculum with opportunities for Inquiry and Mastery Learning. As well as insisting on exceptional academic outcomes for all within a supportive environment. As well as access to a broad and balanced curriculum, school is also a place for human interactions and connections. School is a hub of shared experiences and a chance to learn from others. Within school, we are afforded the luxury of understanding other cultures and backgrounds. The ethos and the culture embedded in a school stays with a child long into adulthood.

Virtual School continues to be a huge success, not least due to the support of our resilient and optimistic community, exceptional staff and vibrant students. However, the benefits of returning to campus, when safe to do so, cannot be underestimated. We all want children to thrive in an environment which allows them to discover who they are and what they will become. At ISB, this is how we ensure Everyone Excels; we inspire minds, shape values and build futures.

It is therefore a pleasure to be welcoming back Pre Kindy and Kindy to campus on Monday, we have missed you! I have missed the sound of children discovering new learning, exploring the world for the first time and interacting with their peers. I can’t say that I have missed the sound of Baby Shark on repeat, but the joy this creates makes even that pleasurable.

For the rest of Primary, we await further updates from the Ministry of Education and we will continue to deliver the very highest quality learning experiences virtually until we are permitted to welcome you back. Our Teachers, Learning Assistants, Learning Support Assistants and all other Primary Staff will continue with energy and enthusiasm to ensure the learning journey continues uninterrupted.

Our Primary House Captains have once again set a great challenge to get families playing together. Engagement in these challenges remains extremely high and it is wonderful to share the outcomes within the Primary Assemblies each week. We are now fortunate to be joined by the Primary community in both Bandar and Seria.

This week, Year 6 have been writing descriptions and setting resolutions, Year 5 have been reading for meaning, Year 4 have been creative with Pop Art, Year 3 have been hunting for arrays, Year 2 have been multiplying, Year 1 have been calculating greater than and less than, Reception have been using their phonics knowledge to read new words and sounds, and Pre Kindy and Kindy have been preparing for a return to campus.

To find out more about what students in Seria have been up to, check out the Head of Seria Campus message on the Primary Newsfeed from Mr Smith.

Thank you for your continued support. As soon as we have more details on a wider return to campus, we will inform parents and prepare students.

Mr Michael Everett | Head of Primary

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