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Head of Primary Message Week 16

This week, we have been speaking about individual excellence and ensuring each student has the opportunity to excel. Our approach to education goes beyond traditional norms; we believe in cultivating individual excellence by recognising and celebrating the diverse talents and strengths of every student.

We actively encourage students to explore their passions and interests. Whether it's in the arts, sciences, sports, or any other field, and we provide ample opportunities for students to discover and nurture their talents. Whether big or small, we celebrate every achievement. Our regular acknowledgment of students' accomplishments helps build confidence and motivates them to strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives. A special congratulations to all our stars of the week, writers of the week as well as the Numbots and TT Rock Stars champions. 👏 👏

During the Yr3 to Yr6 Assembly today, we shared the Marble Machine. An incredible feet of individual engineering and creativity, this contraption has been designed to create music using the power or 2000 marbles. What better example of individual excellence. I wonder how many students will be inspired to make their own musical creations.

For balance, we have also been speaking about the power of students working together to create a strong and cohesive school culture. When students actively engage in shaping the culture of their school, a sense of belonging is created. We find that students work together to shape the school culture which in turn generates a set of shared values and norms.

Both simple messages, but important ones to get right as we work to ensure the best possible environment for learning.

ISB turns 60 🎂 🥳

In 2024, International School Brunei celebrates its 60th anniversary, marking six decades of academic excellence. Committed to our mission of Inspiring Minds, Shaping Values, and Building Futures, ISB is proud to stand as a beacon of educational excellence and inclusivity. As a globally recognised, internationally accredited eco-school, that is almost 60 years old, we are proud to have nurtured so many caring, skilled and open-minded global citizens who have graduated from ISB and excelled across many industries.

With six decades behind us, we are very established and have some tremendous memories. There will be special community events planned for our 60th so please do follow us on social media to ensure you stay tuned.

A reminder that our Extra Curricular Programme begins for Term 2. All ECAs are being confirmed within EduLink for each student. In addition, individual messages will also be sent by email to confirm all ECA selections. Please be reminded of the mechanism for completing the process for paid ECAs.

For students in Yr4 and above, Dr Dolittle is here! 🦜

Please complete this form to register your child's interest in auditioning for the next ISB Musical Production by Monday 15th January. This is open for Y4-Y12 students only. More detailed information about auditions and expectations will be shared to all those who register.


🗓️ Tuesday 16th January 2:15-3:15pm (Theatre); Production insight & information session: This will provide an insight into the story and characters of Dr Dolittle to help inform students prior to auditions. Students will be required to act, sing and dance as part of their auditions. All details and expectations about auditions will be shared and modelled during this session.

🗓️ Thursday 25th January: 2:15-6pm (Music, Drama Studio & Theatre): PRIMARY AUDITIONS

It's been a busy week... 🤩

Pre Kindy have made garlic bread, Kindy have been observing millipedes, Reception have been washing tyres in preparation for new planters, Year 1 have been recycling, Year 2 have been counting faces, vertices and edges, Year 3 have been mummifying tomatoes, Year 4 have been inventing, Year 5 have been using personification for effect and Year 6 have been creating models of the human heart.

If you have any questions about any aspect of school life, please do not hesitate to message me directly in Seesaw.

Mr Michael Everett | Head of Primary


🗓️ Monday 15th January - Term 2 ECAs begin.

🗓️ Friday 19th January - Rec, Yr1 & Yr2 Sports Day.

🗓️ Friday 26th January - Yr3 to Yr6 Sports Day.

🗓️ Friday 2nd February - Yr6 to Yr7 Transition Parent Workshop.

🗓️ Thursday 8th February - Public Holiday TBC.

🗓️ Friday 9th February - Public Holiday CNY.

🗓️ Friday 23rd February - Public Holiday National Day.

🗓️ Tuesday 5th & Wednesday 6th March - Parent Teacher Consultations.

🗓️ Monday 11th March - Public Holiday TBC.

🗓️ Friday 15th March - Last day of Term 2.

🗓️ Friday 19th January

⏰ 7.45am – 9.15am           

Year 1 & 2 Sports Day on the field 

⏰ 9.45am – 10.30am         

Reception Sports Day in the hall   

🗓️ Friday 26th January

⏰ 7.45am – 9.30am           

Year 5 & 6 Sports Day on the field 

⏰ 9.45am – 11.15am         

Year 3 & 4 Sports Day on the field


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