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Head of Primary Message Week 18

Citius, Altius, Fortius 💪

Faster, higher, stronger represents the pursuit of excellence, encouraging athletes to push their limits and strive for faster times, higher jumps, and greater strength. Whilst of course not the Olympic Games, ISB Sports Days share many of the characteristics of competition with a philosophy of sportsmanship, fair play, and the celebration of achievement.

It was wonderful to see so many competitors out on the school field, both this week (Yr3 to Yr6) and last week (Rec to Yr2), demonstrating their commitment and dedication. Whilst the pursuit of a win is of course important, what is also wonderful to see is that the events are all planned to maximise the amount of fun. Without this sense of joy, there is a danger that students can be 'put off'. However, at ISB we ensure everyone excels and this is perfectly encapsulated in our Sports Day events. A huge thank you to all the staff involved and to the parents for their support. And we had two consecutive weeks of sunshine and dry conditions! 👏 👏 😎

Dr. Dolittle 🦜

Providing students with the opportunity to perform on stage has numerous benefits, encompassing both personal development and broader life skills. Children grow in confidence, improve communication skills, express themselves creatively, work as a team and collaborate, develop discipline and time management skills, hone their problem solving skills and enhance their emotional intelligence. For many, to perform on stage allows them to discover something new about themselves.

We provide multiple opportunities throughout the year for Primary students to showcase their talents on the big stage. From year group assemblies, music concerts, celebrations of learning and national events. Our aim is for every student to be on stage, every year.

Over and above these opportunities, the whole school production provides a unique experience for those selected to perform to a wider audience. Congratulations to all those who auditioned this week for Dr Dolittle, feedback has been exceptional, with students learning lines, performing songs and creating dance routines. Selecting the cast will not be easy this year, I would like to wish all those who auditioned the very best of luck and we can't wait to see you on stage later in the year. 🎭

Talking of opportunities to perform, a special congratulations to Year 3, who this week entertained with their in-depth knowledge of Ancient Egypt during their assembly. I can't help but think the parent vs student competition may have been a fix, but well done to all. 👏

Green Fingers 🌿

Our reception students recently had the opportunity to explore the world of outdoor learning at ISB’s brand new Reception Garden!

As Mrs. Davidson, Head of Reception at ISB said, “There are many benefits to gardening with young children which is why we are developing the outdoor space in Reception.”

“Children are curious to learn about the environment around them, and being in a garden provides an opportunity to explore using their different senses. By planting and nurturing seeds, children can watch nature in action. They can learn about the importance of light, water, and temperature to plants.” 

“Having ownership of a plant can help children gain in confidence and self-esteem and empowers them to take on some responsibility,” added Mrs. Davidson. “Gardening involves a range of gross and fine motor skills through watering plants, raking leaves, or digging in the soil. Children’s language development can also be supported as they spend time alongside an adult, chatting without pressure or expectation.”

Swipe to view... 📸

Out & About 🚌

Pre Kindy and Kindy are preparing to be out and about. With Kindy off to Rimba Garden Central and Pre Kindy scheduled to visit Supasave Mabohai, it is so important for us to incorporate experiences outside of the school campus for students of all ages. Pre Kindy, will be learning about the traditions associated with Chinese New Year. As part of the teaching the children will be travelling to Supasave to source and buy their own ingredients. These will be brought back to class ready for a baking session! Kindy will learn about plant care, cultivation techniques and repot their own plant with the RGC horticultural experts.

Go Rangers! 🤠

After presenting their ideas in an Assembly last week, the Lunchtime Rangers have been busy organising fun events during lunchtimes. Recently, they agreed for students across Primary to throw wet sponges 🧽 at them, all in the name of fun. Building confidence and presenting ideas, planning activities and motivating others to join are all essential skills on show from our young student leadership teams. Well done to all involved. 👏

It's been a busy week... 🤩

This week Pre Kindy have been preparing for their trip by practicing to buckle up, Kindy have been exploring and creating with cloud dough, Reception have been digging and planting, Year 1 have been finding and making doubles, Year 2 have been making repeating patterns, Year 3 have been testing the properties of rocks, Year 4 have been analysing the evolution of the telephone, Year 5 have been been looking at the hierarchical roles and responsibilities of a Chinese dynasty, and Year 6 have been peer-assessing their writing for feedback.

Attendance Matters ✅

A good level of school attendance is crucial and plays a significant role in a student's academic success and overall development. Consistently good attendance ensures students actively engage with classroom instruction, discussions and contributes to a better understanding of learning. Consistent attendance ensures students do not miss out on fundamental concepts for building their educational foundation.

School is not just a place for academics, it's also a place where students develop social skills and interact with peers. We know that life is not simple and often reporting merely a percentage masks legitimate reasons for not attending school. However, when levels of attendance drop below important thresholds, we do have a responsibility to report back to parents. This is something we will continue to do through Seesaw, with notifications to both celebrate and inform of attendance data.

If you have any questions about any aspect of school life, please do not hesitate to message me in Seesaw.

Mr Michael Everett | Head of Primary


🗓️ Friday 2nd February - Yr6 to Yr7 Transition Parent Workshop.

🗓️ Thursday 8th February - Public Holiday.

🗓️ Friday 9th February - Public Holiday CNY.

🗓️ Friday 23rd February - Public Holiday National Day.

🗓️ Tuesday 5th & Wednesday 6th March - Parent Teacher Consultations.

🗓️ Monday 11th March - Public Holiday TBC.

🗓️ Friday 15th March - Last day of Term 2.


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