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Head of Primary Message Week 13

Inquire and Share It Week part 2 has provided students across Year 1 to Year 6 with opportunities to present their Inquiry learning projects to a wide audience. Whether that was presenting for the Global Summit, exploring the Weird World, becoming Change Makers, planning a Wind Walker or performing The Great Art Robbery. We have been very impressed with the work submitted so far and the creativity on show. Students and parents can explore the Inquiry learning projects through the Connected Blogs within Seesaw. Feel free to comment on other students’ work to provide feedback and encouragement. A huge thank you to Mary Rivers for planning and implementing the week.

In addition, Miss Honey also took us all back in time once again this week. Miss Honey Travels: Back to the Past provided students with an insight into the history of ISB and introduced previous alumni. This was such an incredible platform for students to then further explore their own journeys and that of their parents. We know our students and families and very internationally minded and the sharing of stories, cultures and languages are part of what makes ISB such a great place to be.

The Primary House Captains have delivered their final challenge of the term. Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the 14 challenges so far. It is great to see that time is being dedicated to work as a family away from screens. It is these memories that will travel with children as they grow into confident and resilient adults.

We are fast approaching the end of Term 1. At the end of next week, all activities will be archived within Seesaw to ensure that school work ends at the end of term. However, the Inquire & Share materials will remain active as will elements of the House & Wellbeing folders. Look out for a very special set of non-screen activities that will be posted.

During the month of November, we have had a focus on bar modelling and a Mastery approach to Maths. Barvember has been a huge success and it is great to see that the participation has remained high throughout. It is wonderful to see students and parents engaging in tricky Maths problems and enjoying the process of discovering the methods and solutions each day. As parents, I hope that you have valued the opportunity to have unrestricted access to your child’s learning journey throughout Virtual School. This is, perhaps, the biggest benefit afforded to us as parents during this difficult time.

I am sure families are busy making plans for the December break. We are cautiously optimistic about the return to campus next term. However, we know that this depends entirely on external factors. Please be reassured that we have done everything we can to ensure a smooth transition back to ‘normal’ schooling. We have considered every aspect of our children’s’ development and learning and will continue to ensure every child excels.

I am delighted to share that Michelle Hinkley and Trent Green will have an increased focus on the transition back to campus for our students. As an extension to their current roles, they will work closely with the Primary Leadership Team to ensure the needs of every child are met, both academically and emotionally.

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Rick Smith (Deputy Head of Primary) on his new role as Head of Seria Campus. I know that Mr Smith will have an incredible impact on outcomes for Seria students and I look forward to continuing our collaborations into next term.

Have a restful weekend and I look forward to celebrating the end of Term 1 next week.

Mr Michael Everett | Head of Primary

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