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Rez & Tang!

Rez & Tang is finally here! Episode 1 looks at the food of Brunei. Follow the unique journey, written and voiced by our very gifted and talented Primary students.

ISB’s Gifted and Talented debuts original animation

Primary students at International School Brunei (ISB) are continually given opportunities to excel. Since 2021, ISB has piloted a Gifted and Talented programme where class teachers nominate students with exceptional potential to join Trent Green, Head of Student Development, in ISB Primary, in a special group.

The objective of the programme is to further instil the International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile (LP) which encourages attitudes and traits in students that develop international mindedness. The IB programme in ISB provides students with an immersive and high-quality academic experience. Student across all key stages are taught to be inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective - which are the ten IB learner profile attributes.

Since its inception, the group of Gifted and Talented students have been presented with enhanced opportunities for learning and development outside of the normal school curriculum. The selected group of students have been participating in special projects and activities such as presentations and hosting assemblies.

The most recent cohort of the Gifted and Talented students at ISB had the opportunity to develop their creative writing skills and explore illustration and animation production. With the help of the Mahakarya Institute of the Arts Asia (MIAA), ten students worked together to debut an original animation series, Rez and Tang. This short animation is available on the official ISB Primary YouTube channel.

Rez and Tang follows two friendly Australian flies who go on an adventure in Brunei to discover all that the beautiful abode of peace has to offer. In the debut episode, Rez and Tang go around Brunei to learn about local delicacies such as ambuyat, nasi katok and durian.

Fawwaz Nazri, one of the students in the programme, said that they chose food as a theme for the first story because they intended it to be for young readers, "and food is a simple thing that children will understand easily".

The students have worked virtually as a group for over two terms, coming up with ideas, rhymes, and visuals for the story. They then teamed up with MIAA who helped them illustrate and animate the story while the students themselves narrated.

ISB Head of Primary, Michael Everett, said “Enhancing our broad and balanced curriculum with further opportunities to excel is what makes ISB such a wonderful school community. We hope this first episode of Rez & Tang inspires the next group of talented writers, animators and voice artists and we can’t wait to join Rez & Tang on future adventures across Brunei”.

The Rez and Tang series offers wider opportunities for students to experience the Creative Industry and access workshops run by talented local Bruneian artists and illustrators. The school thanks parents and MIAA for supporting the special project and looks forward to future collaboration with the institute as ISB’s Primary Gifted and Talented Programme continues to provide opportunities for students to grow.

Rez & Tang

Original Ideation Trent Green

Art Director Hamizah Hamzah, Batrisyia Ripin

Animation Editor Aiman Mirza (ISB Alumni)

Sound Recordist Batrisyia Ripin

Text Animation Hamizah Hamzah

Authors Meagan Keasberry, Qalesya Satria, Amelia Jofren, Erin Turner, Lucia Kay, Ryan Billy, Lewis Lu, Fawwaz Nazri, Aina Sabrian Iskandar, Izzafeera Ikmal

Voiced by Meagan Keasberry, Qalesya Satria, Erin Turner, Lucia Kay, Ryan Billy, Lewis Lu, Fawwaz Nazri, Aina Sabrian Iskandar, Izzafeera Ikmal


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