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Head of Primary Message Week 4

It is wonderful to be able to welcome parents back on campus this week. Year 2 hosted a Stay & Play session as well as entertaining families with a new song. Sharing our learning environments with parents is a really important aspect of the home - school partnership.

Reception parents have also enjoyed a workshop on Phonics this week, following the last one on Maths. We are very grateful to have such a supportive parent community.

We have been celebrating success in Early Years again this week, there is a new gallery on the Primary Newsfeed showcasing their magnificent learning journey 🤩 👏 📸 👉 view here.

This week, we have also opened a new Library space in the Year 5 / Year 6 area. It was a pleasure to welcome the authors of Rez & Tang to officially open this new reading space. We know that to nurture a love of language and reading offers the best possible opportunities for children.

We will soon be celebrating International Day on the school campus. This will be an amazing opportunity to get together and enjoy the diversity of our international community. More details will be shared closer to the time.

Thank you to those students in Year 3 to Year 6 who voted for the next ISB Head Girl and Head Boy this week. The results are due to be announced on Monday and we will officially welcome the new student leadership team during a ceremony on the Piano Steps during lunch time.

Within the Special Events folder on Seesaw, students in Year 3 and above have also been invited to submit their application for the Primary Student Council. This is a tremendous opportunity and full details are within Seesaw - check the Special Events Folder.

Sporting events are back up and running, with groups of Primary students set to compete in local and regional events. Look out for more photos on the Primary Newsfeed as we continue to celebrate their success.

Next week, students in Year 3 to Year 6 will have a PE rotation, moving to their next activities. Full details have been shared in a message sent in Seesaw and the full overview is pinned to the top of each child's journal.

We are delighted to have relaunched Free Write Friday this week. For students in Year 2 and above, there will be a new Free Write Friday activity posted to the Special Events folder each week. This may be accessed at home or at school and we can't wait to see the amazing writing. We are very proud of our young writers and continue to award Writers of the Week in our Friday assemblies.

Mr Michael Everett | Head of Primary

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