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Head of Primary Message Week 25

Term 2

As Term 2 comes to a close, I would like to share the latest edition of the ISB Spotlight Community Digest. The link below provides a detailed overview of what we have all been up to during this term, it's certainly been an incredibly busy one. I hope you enjoy looking back.

To those leaving ISB at the end of this term, we wish you all the best in your new adventures. And to those joining ISB in Term 3, a very warm welcome.

Book Day 📚

Today we have seen a plethora of costumes inspired by books and stories, students and families have been incredibly creative. Such events are part of our wider efforts to ensure we promote a culture of reading across the school. There have been a number of initiatives this week, with students of all ages sharing stories together.

In sharing a culture of reading we enhance cognitive function and critical thinking skills. We challenge our minds and expand our understanding of the world. Exposure to a wide range of words and language structures through reading helps to build vocabulary and language skills. This not only aids in communication, but also improves writing abilities. Reading allows us to step into the shoes of others, experiencing different perspectives, emotions, and cultures. A culture of reading also fosters empathy and understanding, making us more compassionate individuals. Books can transport us to different worlds or can be an opportunity to learn something new.

Share your story.... 🎙️

A reminder that we have announced a very special Book Week competition. We are on the lookout for a small number of students with Star Quality 🤩. Is that you?

This is a fantastic opportunity to share your story with the whole world via Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts. You have the option to create and record your own original story or you can share a story that represents your culture or home country. Perhaps your favourite short story by your favourite author, from any country or in any language. Or maybe a traditional tale celebrating your heritage. The choice is yours...

Applications will close in the first week of Term 3, so there is no rush. The winning entries will be invited to go to a professional recording studio for the day where they will record and publish their story to the world. Students will also learn all about the technology used to create professional quality recordings, they will be involved in the sound engineering process and will also help to create sound effects. This is a wonderful experience and we can't wait to hear the results.

With the spotlight on reading this week, I would also like to share more detailed information with parents relating to how we teach reading at ISB. This is a fundamental part of our curriculum, and within this specially written article we go into more detail about our aims and approaches. There is also a wealth of information for parents about how they can help at home.

This article aims to:

  • Provide an overview of your child’s reading journey at ISB​

  • Share research and evidence related to the importance of reading​

  • Share ideas and strategies you can use at home to help support and promote reading

Introducing Mr Rossow

I am delighted to inform that Mr Rossow will be taking up the post of Head of Year 5 in Term 3 and this will continue into the next academic year. Mr Rossow has been a valued member of the ISB team for a number of years and has worked in various year groups. We look forward to continued success in his new role.

National Day Competition 🇧🇳

We were delighted to receive such wonderful entries for the National Day competition. This week we have handed out certificates to all the winners and I would like to share their entries within this short video. Thank you to all involved.

It's been a busy week... 🤩

This week Pre Kindy have been making, creating and exploring, Kindy have been very musical, Reception have been sharing stories, Year 1 have been using picture prompts to enhance their creative writing, Year 2 have been publishing fact files, Year 3 have been writing about dragons, Year 4 have been using wind power to accelerate their vehicles, Year 5 have been working with equivalent fractions and decimals, and Year 6 have been to Secondary.

I hope everyone has a restful break. A very special thank you to all ISB staff who have worked so incredibly hard this term to ensure the very best outcomes for each and every students. They really are an exceptional team.

Looking ahead to next term, we will have the Dr Dolittle production, Year 6 Ceremony, Music showcase, Swim Gala and more! We will also begin the process of introducing new teachers and beginning the transition to the next year group.

If you have any questions about any aspect of school life, please do not hesitate to message me in Seesaw. Look forward to seeing everyone back on Monday 1st April.

Mr Michael Everett | Head of Primary


🗓️ Friday 15th March - Last day of Term 2.

🗓️ Monday 1st April - First day of Term 3.


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