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Book Reviews 📚

We are proud to present the ISB Primary Book Reviews, where students from across Year 3 to Year 6 share their love of reading.

At ISB, we understand the importance of reading outside of school every day and the Book Review Blogs are a fantastic tool to ensure we continue to nurture and celebrate a love of reading. These Book Review Blogs help to create a healthy community of readers and build an authentic culture of literacy, with reading at its core. Readers are celebrated and their reviews are published to the world. Peers engage, interact and encourage ongoing dialogue relating to what they have enjoyed reading.

Parents are also welcome to interact with the Book Review Blogs, further enhancing the overall reading culture.

How do I submit a book review?

If you are in Year 3 to Year 6, you will see your House Book Review class in Seesaw. You must be logged in as a student using your Home Learning Code to see this and submit your review.

Who can see my book review?

Book reviews are public and so could potentially be viewed by anyone with the link. In order to ensure safeguarding, surnames are removed from public view and all posts are approved and moderated by school staff before being made public.

Who can comment on my book review?

Anyone can comment or leave feedback below your book review. However, all comments are moderated and approved by school staff before being released.

Can I remove my book review?

Yes. Anything you post to the Book Review Blog in Seesaw is owned by you. Therefore, you can delete your post (and any associated comments) at any time.

Does my review have to be written?

You have complete freedom to submit your review using any of the online tools available in Seesaw. You can submit a written review, make a video, scan your handwritten review or leave an audio message. It's up to you.

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