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Head of Primary Message Week 23

A mighty week full of mighty impressive students, teachers and families. As we continue with the Mighty Write 2022, we have posted some exceptional work on the ISB Primary Newsfeed.

The theme for the Mighty Write 2022 is If I ruled the world and we have already been so impressed by the submissions within Seesaw. We will continue to post to the same Primary Newsfeed page as we progress into the second week of this wonderful initiative which shines a spotlight on just how creative our students are. The Gallery of Great Work is growing by the day, and we released a video overview of the talent on show so far.

We know everyone continues to enjoy Miss Honey’s time travelling adventures, but things don’t always go to plan as we can see from the bloopers released today. As well as being hilarious to watch, there is a great lesson here in perseverance and resilience. Not giving up when things don’t quite go right the first time around. Thank you to Miss Honey for agreeing to share this blooper reel with us.

House Challenges continue to provide an element of fun during what we all acknowledge has been a very difficult time. Thank you to Hattie, who this week shared a flippin’ great challenge for us all to attempt. Everyone certainly rose to the challenge from last week and we were bowled over by the response.

Planning for the return to on campus learning continues and I would like to thank parents for providing such insightful and honest feedback so far. If you haven’t yet done so, please access the survey pinned to the top of each Seesaw journal (Yr1 to Yr6). This information is vital to ensure every child continues to excel.

Through feedback received so far, we are delighted to see that our plans for the transition back are completely aligned with parents’ expectations, with a focus on the core elements of reading, writing and Maths being balanced with an emphasis on social and emotional wellbeing, language and communication. We strive to ensure the needs of every child are met to the very highest standards and this information really helps. From the feedback received so far, we know parents are extremely anxious about the length of time Virtual School has continued for. We know that parents are prioritising a safe return to on campus learning and we know everyone is struggling with the prolonged period of online learning. However, we are in this together and the continued support of the ISB community is wonderful to be a part of.

I hope the House and Wellbeing days continue to provide variety and enjoyment, as well as ensuring each student has an outlet for their own creativity. This week, students from across Primary created social-emotional artwork, took on a creative construction challenge, created their own 30 circles, enjoyed a brain and finger challenge, read poems and wrote spoonerisms, placed their thoughts in a bottle, danced to Encanto, drew in 3 dimensions, expressed music through art, enjoyed and shared stories, stayed active and moved away from screens.

Mr Michael Everett | Head of Primary

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