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Head of Primary Message Week 2

Another extremely busy week of experiences and learning for students of all ages. There is always so much going on but school life continues to be vibrant and full of energy. We continue to update the Primary Newsfeed Calendar (link pinned to the top of each Seesaw Journal) with upcoming events. You can also access the calendar on your mobile through the additional menu on the Primary Newsfeed as seen below.

Some important upcoming events:

  • ECA Programme begins Monday 5th September

  • Teachers' Day 23rd September (not yet confirmed by MOE)

  • Parent - Teacher Consultations 18th and 19th October

  • International Day before the mid-term break

  • Celebration of Learning 4th November

  • A number of Sports Days during November too

The Parent - Teacher Consultations form part of our wider reporting to parents with full details available here on the Primary Newsfeed. At these events, we look forward to welcoming parents and sharing children's learning journeys.

We also continue to publish information for parents regularly. Keep an eye on messages sent through Seesaw for the latest updates and these will also be published to the Primary Newsfeed. In addition, I would like to share our Key Priorities for the year ahead and you will be hearing a lot more about these as the weeks progress.

Additional Reading

If your child is in the younger years, you may want to find out more about Phonics and so we have published some additional information here on the Primary Newsfeed. Also available, information on the Early Learning Goals, ways to help children see themselves as writers, information for parents relating to Maths, and the importance of multiplication tables. Our aim is to continue to nurture a positive home - school partnership as this has proven to have positive outcomes for children of all ages.

It was great to welcome so many Reception parents to the Maths workshop in school this morning, such an eye opening presentation from our expert team who work tirelessly to ensure the very latest education research is used to inform pedagogy at ISB.

I hope that parents find the information in both Seesaw and on the Primary Newsfeed useful and informative. It is also our aim that information is easily accessible and simple to navigate. If you have any feedback or suggestions of any kind, please do not hesitate to send me a message in Seesaw.

Mr Michael Everett | Head of Primary

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