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Head of Primary Message Week 14

Term 1 has ended with fantastic celebrations across each Year Group. Beginning with the morning Celebration Assembly and then breaking into smaller festivities. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful school community who work together to share each other’s achievements.

Primary staff ended the term with a special message to students and parents for their amazing contributions throughout this term. Also sharing thanks this week, the Primary House Captains posted their own message. This term they have inspired families to participate in Olympic sports, navigate lava, play traditional games, rock out with an air guitar, cook delicious food, help around the house, build a reading fort, build a machine, work out, take flight, create new greetings and taste new food.

This term, we have maintained academic excellence in all areas of the curriculum and we have celebrated enormous successes. We have continued our Mastery Learning approach and used Bar Models to problem solve in Maths. Each week, we have celebrated our Writers of the Week during assemblies and provided a platform for creativity during Free Write Fridays. Throughout the term, and particularly during Inquire & Share weeks, we have maintained a focus on Inquiry Learning. We have explored and celebrated local Brunei history and culture and maintained our own internationally minded identity. Most importantly, we have fostered a love of learning. From our careful nurturing of play and communication in Early Years right through to Year 6, I have seen students inspired and captivated by the activities posted in Seesaw and the interactions during online classes.

Without the support of parents, this term could not have been a success. I would like to personally thank all parents for the tremendous support throughout Virtual School. I know that you have enjoyed the window into your own child’s learning journey, but also appreciate that this has been no small undertaking. I am hoping that this December break will be a chance for everyone to recharge and relax.

I would like to extend a massive congratulations to the Primary Staff team. I would like to thank all staff for the outstanding commitment to high quality teaching and learning throughout all areas of the school. What staff have achieved this term is remarkable. To take an entire Primary School online and sustain such high standards for 14 weeks is incredible.

We do not yet have confirmation from the Ministry of Education about the reopening of Campus for Term 2. As soon as we receive any information, we will share with parents. However, what I can say is that we have detailed and robust plans in place for returning students back to the school campus (when permitted) in a safe and controlled manner. We have successfully done this once before and I am confident in our systems that will hopefully very soon enable the sound of laughter to echo around the campus once again.

Mr Michael Everett | Head of Primary

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