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Self-Regulation Workshop

We will be hosting a parent workshop on Friday 14th April.

According to the Canadian researcher, Shanker, “self-regulation refers to a child’s ability to deal with stressors effectively and efficiently and then return to a baseline of being calmly focused and alert”. He suggests that student academic success can be predicted based on their self-regulating ability.

Other researchers claim that those students entering school without strong self-regulating skills are more likely to become increasingly resistant to school work and school (Blair & Diamond, 2008).

Come to our parent workshop if you would like to know more about self-regulation and why it is paramount for effective behaviour for learning and long-term life success. We will provide some answers and practical ideas on how to boost your co-regulation abilities to help your child develop and maintain self-regulating skills.

🗓️ Friday 14th April

⏰ 10:30am

📍 ISB Theatre

Will you be attending the workshop?

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