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TT Rock Stars Champions 🤩

Each year, we celebrate the TT Rock Stars champion of champions. The Top 50 TT Rock Stars compete live to see who has the fastest recall of their multiplication tables.

For this competition, it is the current Studio Speed we are looking at. The studio speed represents how many random questions a student can answer in just one minute. Each student in our Top 30 is answering more than 60 questions within the minute, thats quicker than 1 second per question. Our champion, Roohan, is answering 200+ questions in just one minute. That's lightening fast. ⚡️

It is also amazing to see the improvement over time. Take a look at the difference between Initial Studio Speed and Current Studio Speed on the leaderboard, a phenomenal improvement. This just goes to show how incredibly effective TT Rock Stars is. To find out more, check the related posts below.

Click below to expand the full Top 50 TT Rock Stars for 2022/23.

Congratulations Roohan, the Champion of Champions this year.

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