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Head of Seria Campus Message

The highlight of our week must have been the 38th National Day celebrations on Wednesday 23rd February. The pupils of ISB Seria have been learning all about the history of National Day and joined in with two special assemblies today (Friday) to mark the event. Please see a short highlight video of the celebrations HERE.

Next week is the start of our World Book Day activities. Mr. Davies (Literacy Lead Teacher) has been working with all ISB Staff to develop a range of exciting activities, all with a ‘book’ theme, for the pupils to enjoy next week. Masked readers, extreme reading, artwork and build a reading den are just some of the tasks planned for next week. Please make sure you check Seesaw after the long weekend and we hope you enjoy these special World Book Day activities.

This week, Pre-Kindy and Kindy pupils have been exploring their new ‘Mud Kitchen’ which was donated by the ISB Bandar PTA. It is a very generous gift and one which all the pupils in Early Years will enjoy and benefit from.

In Year 1 the pupils have been comparing lengths and heights using non-standard units of measure, whilst also learning about the history of teddy bears. The Year 2 pupils have been looking at and classifying 2D shapes and making shape repeating patterns, whilst also learning about human life cycles in Science and what animals need to survive.

Year 3 had a fascinating and informative Zoom lesson with a famous volcanologist (Geoff Lerner) who explained all about his studies of volcanoes and their impact on humans and nature. A virtual tour of a Natural History Museum was undertaken by the Year 4 pupils and in English they have debated the question, “Should teachers be replaced with robots?”. The answer was a resounding, “No!”

Years 5 and 6 have been reading the book ‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies. They have discussed the positive and negative ways a city can be described using colour. In Maths, Years 5 and 6 have been exploring the relationship between decimals and fractions.

Another busy week and another thank you, from me, to the ISB community for your support, dedication, patience and resilience.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy long weekend.

Mr. Rick Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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