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Head of Seria Campus Message

A Voyage of Becoming

The founders of the International School Brunei almost 60 years ago were motivated to imagine a better way of thinking about education – and how, in turn, education could help build a better and more inclusive world. We are in a changing era, or in an era of change. A changing world empowers us to evolve, and rise to the challenges in today’s 21st century world by inspiring students and challenging them to take risks, dream bigger, be agile and open-minded. ISB is in a unique position to empower the next generation of students with the confidence, skills and tools required for them to be ready for the world they will inherit.Our students are the future path makers & change-makers and may have many careers with the need of changing skill sets and competencies. The purpose of education must always be to create a more inclusive, cohesive and productive world. It was one of my favourite authors Dr Conrad Hughes who shared: in every human there is the capacity to transform, to grow: we are on a voyage of becoming. Looking forward with an ear to the ground, listening to the needs of our students, our parents, our staff: the future will be built together.As detailed in the WEF Future of Jobs and Education reports, we must consider the following insights:

EYFS Parent Workshop and Play

Our EYFS space provides a wealth of large and small open-ended resources, which allow children to be the directors and pilots in their own play. An open-ended resource is something that can be used in a multitude of ways- it has no fixed purpose. Only through the availability of thoughtfully well maintained and presented natural resources will children be curious to come and play. Curiosity is the spark that ignites all learning.

We are always looking at ways to share more of what we do in school with parents as we know that when schools foster a collaborative approach with parents- everything gets better for the students. We are so thankful to the many parents who attended our EYFS workshop and Play!

Welcome Ugama

ISB cordially welcomes Cigku Amallina binti Haji Ahmad Ma'am as the acting Principal of Ugama at ISB Seria Campus.

The Ugama Education team will require the month of November to work on the planning and integration of Ugama provision at ISB Seria. Ugama will formally commence in January 2024 for Bruneian Muslim students only following our regular timetabled day. More information will follow in due course. Should parents opt, we will provide Bruneian Muslim students provision/activities through till 3pm Monday-Thursday until further announcement. Other students will continue to partake in ECA and leave at 2:30pm.

Reminders/Special Mentions

  • Thank you Y6 for leading our assembly on 17th Nov

  • Thank you for supporting our leadership-parental coffee morning

  • International Day 24th Nov! Save the Date.

  • ISB FOBISIA trials will be hosted by Bandar Campus on the 27th Nov. More details to follow by Coach Russel.

  • BJSL Teeball Competition will be hosted by ISB Seria on the 28th November. More details to follow by Coach Russel.

  • We are planning our ECA’s for Term 2. More information to follow. ECA’s will start in Term 2 on the 15th January 2024

  • Last Week of Term Week 14 (27th November –1st December) there will be no Swimming class or ECA

  • Last Day of Term 1 = 1st December 2023

  • First Day of Term 2 = Wednesday 3rd January 2024

  • You can always message our teachers on SeeSaw!

  • Follow us on Insta

Year 1 - by Ms MJ

Y1 children continued to work on learning to segment and independently write simple words in phonics. They are becoming more confident readers and writers. In Maths, children have enjoyed solving addition problems using different manipulatives to help them count. Lastly, they have enjoyed a special visit to the fire station. Children managed to interact with real fire fighters and explore ambulances and fire trucks. They have learnt the importance of our community through this trip!

Year 2 – by Ms Lisa

Year 2 students continued their robot journey by reading the story Winne the Witch and the big bag robot. They especially enjoyed the part where the robot steals Winnie’s wand and turns others animals into robots. As a class they created their own version of the story called Wendy the Witch and the super serious robot. In Math they started their topic on shapes and were all very keen to share their prior knowledge of 2D shapes and names. They then went around the school to find what shapes they could see in everyday items.

Year 3 – by Mrs McCready

Year 3 are still captivated by the stories of Ancient Egypt , this week they made their own clay cartouches and started to recognise the features of an instruction text by learning how to mummify a Pharaoh! In maths they are showing awesome progress in their quick recall of times tables facts and using number lines and bar models to prove their answers. We are so proud of their continued efforts and focus.

Year 4 – by Mr Davies

Cobra class continued with our ancient civilisation dioramas by adding houses and making some animals and characters with modelling clay. In maths they continued to study multiplying and dividing by 3.6 and 9. In English we have looked at imperative verbs and the features of instructions. We have begun our programming topic by thinking about how to send signals to a robot. We have worked on a Scottish country dance to show on international day. Cobra class continued our states of matter science block by examining the properties and particles of solids, liquids and gases.

Year 5 – by Mr Russel

Year 5 pupils have completed their newspaper recount of the Sumbiling Camp, incorporating a catchy headline and expanded noun phrases. In Maths, they have calculated square and cube numbers, understanding will help when we cover area and volume. Their ‘Mission to Mars’ presentation is almost complete, highlighting the challenges and possible solutions to a potential colony on Mars.

Year 6 – by Mr Ramsden

It's been an exciting week and busy week for Y6, with both a trip to Berakas on Thursday and presenting their assembly on Friday. Phew! In the classroom there's been some outstanding writing in their English lessons, where they've been incorporating new sentence skills into their writing. In maths they completed an end of unit assessment, which showed great improvement and started a new unit, fractions. They also had time to look further at the climate of Brazil and Brunei in Topic.

Year 7 – By Ms Rebekah

In year 7 we have started our culminating art project, a canvas artwork made in the style of American war artist Tom Lea using different media. In English we have enjoyed being poem detectives, analysing their use of structure and form and the effect this has on the poems idea, mood and meaning. In Math we have been connecting our learning from the previous topic to use algebra in sequences. A highlight of our week was in Science when we had fun gaining a deeper understanding of the periodic table with a code breaking exercise!

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