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Head of Seria Campus Message

At ISB we know the future will belong to the curious. Although cliché, the future is unknown. The purpose of education must always be to create a more inclusive, cohesive and productive world. Science is about exploring, and the only way to uncover the secrets of the universe and our future is to go and look- and that requires us to think scientifically.

Across ISB Seria our science curriculum helps learners develop a life-long curiosity about the natural world and enables them to seek scientific explanations to the phenomena around them. We ensure children develop scientific understanding and grasp scientific ideas. In primary, our intent is to create a 'buzz' around Science, creating a culture in which all students experiment, take risks and are creative within their Science learning. There is dedicated time within our broad and balance curriculum for practical and hands-on Science lessons across each week. In Y7 as our curriculum reflects the increasing disciplinarily and specialisation of secondary education, our students dive deep into Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Through experiment, practice and discussion, students gain core knowledge around:

  • Scientific vocabulary

  • ‘Working scientifically’ skills including systematic and careful observations and following practical scientific methods

  • The gathering and interpretation of straightforward scientific evidence

  • The use of everyday materials and scientific equipment to solve science problems

  • Articulating scientific concepts and using five types of science enquiries

If you are thinking about the upcoming half term holiday and are wondering how you can bring STEM into your home do check out our Science themed ‘holiday makers’.

Lunchtime Rangers 🤠

The ISB Seria leadership team, aka the power rangers, are looking to appoint x8 new Lunchtime Rangers from Y4-7. (x2 per year group).

🤠 Lunchtime Rangers help to organise playground and lunchtime activities for students of all ages. They will work closely with the leadership team to promote the schools culture and ethos in the playground. This is a high-energy role and each ranger will wear a specially designed cap to ensure they are easily identified. There is a small budget for Lunchtime Rangers to spend on games and activities throughout the year. The role has a lot of responsibility as our Lunchtime Rangers will also play a crucial role supporting the teachers on duty- ensuring our playground is a place of positivity and fun.

If you think you would like to be a Seria Student Lunchtime Ranger then please do submit a reply in SeeSaw expressing your interest by Monday 30th October!

Reminders/Special Mentions

  • Thank you to all NUMBOTS and TT Rockstars!

  • School Community Diwali Celebration on the 3rd November

  • We are planning our ECA’s for Term 2. Please respond to the link shared by our office on Seesaw if you want to join in

  • 2023 School Health Screening program (Health Assessments) will be carried out on Wednesday 1st Nov for Y1 and Y4

  • Thank you all for your support and engagement during the Parent Teacher Consultations.

  • Let’s keep our focus on working collaboratively as a community to develop digital citizenship and responsibility

  • Next leadership-parental coffee morning – 17th November 09:00-10:00

  • BJSL Teeball Competition will be hosted at ISB Seria on the 28th November

  • You can always message our teachers on SeeSaw!

  • Follow us on Insta

EYFS – by Teacher Julia, Chio & Mrs Davies

This week in the Early Years we have been developing our fine and gross motor skills. Actions like pouring, scrubbing, squirting, stirring and squeezing are all important movements that lead to increased fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Introducing children to our water-related textures (slippery, slimy!) and temperatures can be an amazing sensory experience and also helps them to master their pincer grip. Water play for infants allows the exploration of new substances and gives children the opportunities to make discoveries. Observing a branch or paper float or sink will teach them, in a very practical way, how and why things happen. But above all, it encourages them to use their imagination and develop creative thinking, which plays an important role in problem-solving. The conversations to be had using new words such as basin, damp, depth, drain, flow, drenched, drizzle and sieve are endless! Integrating to our theme of Science, we introduced children to terms such as Full, Empty, Half, Less. Science is everywhere around us. Children can measure, compare volumes, observe motion, count the rocks in the basin and notice the flow change as we move them.

In the next half term before the December vacation, we will host an EYFS Parent Orientation. More details to follow!

Year 1 - by Ms MJ

Year 1 children worked hard this half term! They have discussed the sense of smell and conducted a simple blind test whether things smelled good or bad. In Maths, children learned using part whole model to represent addition. Lastly, they enjoyed learning about primary colour and created an artwork representing the work of Piet Mondrian. Children will explore mixing colours when they return back from the half term break!

Year 2 – by Ms Lisa

They’ve been busy this week in Year 2. They looked at expanding simple sentences. They had to decide on what extra information they can add to make a sentence more exciting. They also looked at pictures and used describing words. I was very impressed with their vocabulary and what weird and wonderful things they came up with. In Math they looked at addition and subtraction families and how three numbers can be used to make four different math problems.

Year 3 – by Mrs McCready

Year 3 started the week with an interesting and informative trip to the RBAF training institute, learning more about training for military personnel here in Brunei. In English everyone completed their eye catching , scientific vocab filled persuasive adverts , and enjoyed giving their peers complimentary feedback about their efforts. In maths they looked at how to solve word and reasoning problems by using their existing number skills and everyone enjoyed taking part in a variety of puzzles, games and breakout boxes to celebrate maths day.

Year 4 – by Mr Davies

Year 4 cobra class went on two wonderful trips this week. Firstly to the Brunei Royal Air Force base where they learned the importance of following instructions and how to keep our home country safe. Secondly they went to the BJSL athletics and took part in a series of races and field events such as the long jump, javelin throw and triple jump. In Maths year 4 learned to estimate and check their answers before our assessment addition and subtraction test. In English we put the finishing touches to our myth stories and self assessed them using a list of targets. Cobra class have continued to rehearse our drama and dance for our class assembly on Divali day.

Year 5 – by Mr Russel

Year 5 have had a busy week, all pupils took part in the BJSL athletics tournament on Tuesday. It was great to see them trying out new events, such as the triple jump and shot-put. In English students have looked at features of a newspaper recount, such as what makes a good headline to grab the reader’s attention. Maths has moved on to multiplication and division where students have looked at finding common multiples of numbers. In Topic Year 5 ventured outdoors with their globes to observe how night and day occur at different times depending on location in the world. This helped their understanding of time zones around the globe.

Year 6 – by Mr Ramsden

A fantastic last week of the half term from Y6! They've been busy continuing to investigate longitude and latitude. Now they are moving on to look at landforms. Maths has seen them looking further at multiplication and how to apply these skills to problem solving. In English they had been devouring smilies like hungry animals and learning to use them in their own writing. They've definitely earned the right to a good rest in the half term!

Year 7 – By Ms Rebekah

This week has been jam packed with fun and learning for year 7! In Science we have got to grips with the periodic table and enjoyed finding out about some elements and compounds. In Maths, whilst still focusing on algebra, we have been spending some time enjoying mental maths games including the TTRS and a square root and square number group game. In art we incorporated our Humanities learning to create an Anderson Shelter. Well done everyone!

Dariush Saheli Head of Seria Campus

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