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Head of Seria Campus Message

This academic year our ambition remains high for every student. We take pride in ensuring positive outcomes for all, whilst nurturing the wellbeing of every individual. I want everyone in the school to be always learning and engaging with open minded curiosity. My challenge in term 1 will be to learn every car registration at drop off and pick up, just like our beloved and talented Johnrey has! The one thing that makes me so proud of being the Head of Seria is how much everyone smiles- we are a community united in kindness, compassion and learning.

On Thursday the 31st August we hosted the ISB Senior Management Team in our Seria Campus. We had planned to do the gate duty at pick up time together, but we talked too much in our meeting and missed the opportunity to wave everyone off! Our values, as an organisation and a family, are at the heart of everything we do. They are what unite us in a common drive of excellence. We remain committed to our mantra of 2 campuses: 1 school ensuring continual alignment and best practice across the whole of ISB. Although the Senior Management Team meet weekly, we aim to host once a month in the Seria Campus. For reference, here is our Senior Management Team:

Reminders/Special Mentions

  • Y7 parent meeting on Friday 8th September

  • Coffee Morning on Friday 15th September 9-10am

  • PE has started. Remember your kit, hat and water!

  • Get Ready! Swimming, Music, MFL and ECA’s will start in week 3

  • You can always message our teachers on Seesaw!

Year Group Corner!

PRE-KG – by Teacher Julia

A big welcome to our new Pre-Kindy children. These two weeks, we have been exploring the different learning areas and activities as well as getting familiar with one another. We have also been exploring colours and shapes through sorting and painting activities.

Kindy – by Teacher Chio

Kindy class has had a fun and busy week. We explored our new classroom, tried out lots of different activities and enjoyed playing with friends. We have been exploring the topic of family as we free flow around our classroom. Although singing and reading is something we do a lot in Kindy class, we have also been practicing how to line up, listen and follow instructions.

Reception – by Mrs Davies

WOW! What a fabulous start to the school year. We have had an excellent two weeks getting to know each other. We have spent time working our way around the classroom exploring our new environment and generally settling into school life! The children have had lots of firsts these couple of weeks, with new adults, new environment, new routines, new rules but they have all been wonderful.

Year 1 - by Ms MJ

Our class has settled down well into their new classroom environment. Our children learnt fun facts about our class animal Sun Bear and enjoyed making their own Sun Bears using toilet rolls. Learning about our first topic ‘Me and My Family,’ children had the opportunity to share their baby and family photos with their friends. Children also read the book ‘Rosie’s Hat’ by Julia Donaldson to ponder about growing up and what they would like to be when they grow up. It has been a great week seeing all of their smiles every day!

Year 2 – by Ms Lisa

Our students have settled in so well to their new class. They have shown their place value understanding in Math. I am so impressed with their knowledge of tens and ones and how they can show different numbers using base 10 blocks. In English they looked at the fiction book Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers - about a penguin that shows up at a boy’s door and the adventure they went on trying to find where the penguin belongs. The students used their imagination to create dialogue between the boy and the penguin. They’ve had a great first two weeks.

Year 3 – by Mrs McCready

We have enjoyed writing and performing our own poems this week, we were so impressed by the facial expressions! In Math, the class have proved they understand how to partition numbers up to 100 using different methods and they have also become increasingly proficient in the 2 times table division facts. They have also continued to learn more about what makes a balanced lifestyle by investigating sugar in food and sorting food into groups. Keep up the great enthusiasm!

Year 4 – by Mr Davies

Our students have looked at the features of reports. We have represented numbers up to 10,000 and rounded to 100 and 1,000. Year 4 had our ‘Wow’ topic lesson which included 5 exciting activities such as a jigsaw puzzle of a human skeleton and a search to find where ‘Lucy’ the oldest human fossil was found. The children completed some research on 8 Greek Gods and Goddesses and then selected one to complete a more detailed study on. Keep up the amazing start to the year!

Year 5 – by Mr Russel

We have started looking at what makes a good Sci-Fi story and how adverbs can help give more detail to the action. In Math, pupils have used place value up to a Million (1,000,000). They had a glimpse at even larger values, as much as an Octillion! Pupils explored gravity in topic, learning how mass, weight and gravitational pull are inter-connected. They can now explain why and how gravity will be different on other planets in our solar system.

Y6 & 7 – by Mr Ramsden

It's been a productive week in Years 6 & 7 as the students have settled well back into the school routine. In math they continued to examine place value and students independently investigated the question 'What's the biggest possible number?' with interesting results. In English the students looked at recognizing subjects and verbs in sentences to help structure their writing. Proportion has been the focus of their art lessons as they build up towards drawing their own portraits. Finally, they have continued to read and study the book for this term, 'The Explorer’.

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