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Head of Seria Campus Message

Today marked the return of the popular ‘2 Week Challenge’ for pupils in Year 1 to Year 7 to enjoy and compete. Years 1 – 3 will be required to get their very best score of NUMBOTS and make sure they practise every day. Years 3 – 7 will be required to compete in ‘Studio Mode’ to improve their current ranking and move towards becoming a ‘ROCK LEGEND’. Please see the video below for details. Thank you to Na’ifah, Noura Z and Liam W for accepting Mr. Smith’s Challenge – we cannot wait to see the progress.

*If you are unsure about your child’s TT Rock Star or Numbots log in details, please see codes in your child’s Communication Book. If you are still having troubles, please contact Bella or Janet in the office.

This week our wonderful Pre-Kindy pupils revisited cutting activity with scissors. It is a challenge to hold the paper whilst opening and closing the scissors; staying focused, using hand-eye coordination and bilateral coordination skills, but the children persevered and showed good resilience during this activity. Awesome work children! On Wednesday, Pre-Kindy made a trip to the Seria Public Library where the pupils experienced several exciting activities linking to literacy. They loved dancing around the library to the song ‘The Wheels on the Bus’. They ended their trip with a well-deserved pizza making session at Seria Fratini's restaurant and came back to school full, tired, but very happy! Kindy pupils continued their topic on 'Pirates', the pupils designed their own treasure chests and filled them up with their favourite treasures. Kindy also created a pirate flag and spy glasses as props to enhance their role play activities. To make their role play more interesting, they learnt to speak like a Pirate using words such as Ahoy (Hello), Booty (treasure), Matey (friend), Avast (Stop), Yo-Ho-Ho (something to say when happy) and Jolly Roger (the flag of a pirate ship). In Phonics, Kindy read a story ‘Oi Frog’ and learnt lots of rhyming words. In Maths, they learnt to say the number that is one more than a given number.

This week in Reception class they have been revisiting the Phonics phase 3 diagraphs. They were able to recognise the diagraph's sound in words and find objects around the classroom to match the sound. In story time they enjoyed listening to the story ‘Mama Panya's Pancakes’. The story is about Kenyan village life and it teaches the importance of sharing, even when you have little to give. In Maths, Reception have learned about different array formations for the number 12, using stem sentences to rehearse mathematical ideas such as 12 is made from 2 sets of 6. In Topic, they have learned about animals and plants in the desert. They had the opportunity to draw desert habitats.

Year 1 have continued to practise retelling the story ‘The Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle in their own words. They also pondered about things which help the seeds grow and things which might hurt the seed. Pupils learnt plants need air, soil, sunlight and water to grow. In Phonics, pupils successfully sorted words with soft and hard ‘c’ and ‘g’. In Maths, they continued to learn how to find half of a quantity using counters. Year 2 learned about reduce, reuse, recycle and which materials can be recycled and how. They also learned about plastic pollution and its effects on the environment. They were able to write their own sentences and reasons to show what these concepts are and why plastic pollution is bad for the Earth. In Maths, they continued learning about time (specifically hours in a day and minutes in an hour). Year 2 used their reasoning and problem-solving skills to work out more complex problems related to time. Miss Lisa is continually impressed with their eagerness to learn and contribute their ideas to content they are learning in class. Well done Year 2!

Year 3 have enjoyed conducting scientific investigations this week exploring the formation and properties of rocks. Using chocolate to demonstrate the rock cycle, and testing the durability and permeability of rocks to understand why we use different rocks for different purposes. In Maths, they have continued to master adding and subtracting fractions. In English, Year 3 have really impressed their teachers by writing sizzling story starters using onomatopoeias and fronted adverbials. Keep up the great work kingfishers we look forward to reading your own novels in the future! Year 4 have looked at the difference between facts and opinions this week and have written persuasive texts to help sell a regular classroom object. In Maths, they have studied equivalent fractions and fractions greater than 1. In ICT, Cobra class started creating their own travel website to persuade tourists to visit an Asian country of their choice. In Topic, Year 4 created their own news reports about why Indonesia is moving its capital city and the implications this will have for the environment.

This week in English, Year 5 have completed their ‘Michael advice’ piece of text using many of the writing techniques they have been learning this year. In Maths, pupils have completed their unit on negative numbers and are now looking forward to Position and Direction next week. In Topic, Year 5 looked at the types of action people are taking to reduce the impact of climate change. Pupils also discussed ways to stay safe online and avoid divulging personal information. Year 6/7 finished the Maths unit Statistics and their assessments showed good progress in their learning. The new unit is Shape. In English, the pupils are working hard and are close to their final writing of the Instructions unit. The Science unit on Adaptations is also nearly finished, this week we looked at adaptations in deep sea organisms. In Computing, they have continued to explore spreadsheets. All the students have worked very well this half term and deserve their break to rest and relax.

Please remember:

Monday 29th – Wednesday 31st May (School Closed for Half-Term and Armed Forces Day)

Thursday 1st June – Pupils return to school.

Monday 5th June – Sports Day (Reception to Year 2)

Friday 9th June – Year 6 Graduation (at Bandar Campus)

Tuesday 20th June - Sports Day (Year 3 to Year 7) *NEW DATE*

Thank you and have a wonderful LONG weekend.

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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