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Head of Seria Campus Message

Thank you to all the parents who joined us for the Hari Raya Celebration on site today! The pupils were excited to share their Hari Raya performances and well done to Aaron and Nada for being our Malay and English narrators. A huge ‘thank you’ to Miss Alifah who coordinated the Year 1 – 7 dances and also a thank you to the EYFS staff for the adorable performances in Pre-Kindy, Kindy and Reception.

The Celebration Day was made extra special by having our special vendors supplying delicious food and drink (and even gifts!) The Car Boot Sale was a hit and many bargains were found by parents and pupils alike. The Seria PTA put together a Raffle Store, in record time, with the money collected going to future FOBISIA events.

Thank you to everyone involved in making today a success.

What else has been happening this week at ISB Seria?

Pre-Kindy have revisited activities linking with number recognition, corresponding counting and number recitation in Maths. They also continued with toilet training activities to assist with training at home from parents. On Thursday, Pre-Kindy took a walk around the school compound to observe and understand shapes, colours and sounds found in the local environment. They also revisited physical activities to develop their gross motor development, spatial awareness and sense of balance. Kindy pupils were having fun exploring the meaning of Hari Raya celebration this week. They enjoyed listening to Reza's parents who came to share with the pupils how they celebrated their Raya this year. They also created some beautiful craftworks to take home with them. Today, they were proud to present their Raya dance performance to all the parents and enjoyed the delicious shared snack.

This week, Reception class kicked off with sports-themed learning! In Maths, they were able to use their number skills to write down and add up their scores while playing Tenpin Bowling, hopscotch and Shot Put. They were able to compare their scores with their friends to see which number was higher or lower. In Phonics, they were able to write words with trigraphs. In Topic, they looked at ocean habitats and were able to draw the different kinds of animals who live in the sea. Reception class enjoyed the Kindness Day activities with the Year 12 students from ISB Bandar. In Art, they created beautiful pictures using a variety of materials, tools and techniques and started experimenting with colour.

Year 1 pupils learnt about life cycle of a flowers and plants by reading the book ‘The Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle this week. Pupils enhanced their understanding of the text by acting out the story with their friends too. Pupils also spent time researching about plants they can eat and whether they are vegetables or fruits. In Maths, pupils summed up the unit ‘multiplication and division’ and they were introduced to the concept of fractions. They began learning about how to find a half of a shape.

Year 2 have learnt more about ‘renewable’ and ‘no-renewable’ resources. They have enjoyed learning about why fossil fuels are bad for the environment and how solar power produces electricity from the sun, for our homes. They can briefly explain these concepts and it is great to see Year 2 understand the differences in energy sources and explain their uses. In Maths, they have continued learning about time including counting in 5 minute intervals. They made their own watches in class with hands that can move to show different times. They have continued with their reading, writing, and spelling skills. Miss Lisa is so proud of the independent and confident young learners the Year 2s have become.

Year 3 had an exciting trip out this week to the Jerudong Petting Zoo where they enjoyed getting up close to the animals and comparing the tortoises and reptiles to the dragons and dinosaurs from our topic (see photographs on Seesaw). Year 3 also learnt more about money and change in Maths and practiced some useful grammar to improve their writing. Year 4 have completed their persuasive advert posters in English. They began to study fractions in Maths after completing a shape unit.

Year 4 conducted a sound investigation to decide if the size of a pinnae (external part of the ear!) affects the quality of sound which they hear. In Topic, they looked at popular destinations to travel to on Borneo Island and which ‘type of people’ each trip would be suitable for. In Art lessons, Year 4 used a cross hatching technique to draw their hands in the style of Da Vinci.

Year 5 pupils have had a very fun week, showing off their dance moves during different lessons. In English, they have looked at how to use the passive voice in their writing. They looked at negative numbers in Maths and identified where they are found in real-life situations. The Climate Change topic saw the Year 5 pupils looking at ‘disappearing islands’.

It has been a productive week for Year 6/7 pupils with everyone making great efforts within their learning. They are coming to the end of their Maths unit (statistics) and have been doing a great job learning how to interpret and draw pie charts. In English, they continued to build up writing instructions, focusing on using sequencing words, imperative verbs and adverbs. Science continues to look at adaptations, with a focus on underwater organisms. In computing, Year 6/7 excitingly learnt how to input formula into their spreadsheets.

🗓️ Please remember:

Monday 29th – Wednesday 31st May (School Closed for Half-Term and Armed Forces Day)

Thursday 1st June – Pupils return to school.

Monday 5th June – Sports Day (Reception to Year 2)

Tuesday 6th June - Sports Day (Year 3 to Year 7)

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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