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Head of Seria Campus Message

An action-packed week in PE this week for our ISB Seria pupils. Sadly, we had our last swimming lessons of the year for Reception to Year 7, but the progress everyone has made in the pool is something to be extremely proud of.

On Thursday 18 pupils from Years 4, 5 & 6 took part in the BJSL (Brunei Junior Sports League) swimming competition at ISB Bandar, everyone put in a great effort in their events and showed just how determined they are to succeed.

Our 4 FOBISIA (Federation of British International Schools in Asia) pupils travelled to Bandar to receive their team kit and have a team photo (below) before travelling to JIS for some warm-up games of football and tee-ball. The whole team has bonded really well and all the hard work and training has clearly paid off. On Saturday morning, Coach Russell and the ‘Fab 4’, will depart with the rest of the ISB FOBISIA Team bound for Thailand for 3 full days of competition in swimming, athletics, football and tee-ball. Please wish me in wishing them all a successful U11 FOBISIA Games. Coach Russell with share all the successes on their return.

Jasmine (Yr5), Damayantii (Yr5), Abdillaah (Yr6) and Yuvanth (Yr6) representing ISB Seria. Good luck Team ISB and bring back many medals and trophies!

Pre-Kindy pupils have been practising their ‘fine motor skills’ and took part at cutting up chicken sausages and cheese for their bread pizza which they also took home to eat! This activity also taught the children how to use the plastic knife with care and control. In Maths and Science, they have used objects in the ‘bucket balance’ and explored the concept of 'heavy and light'. Pre-Kindy have been listening to stories and mat time discussions about using the potty/toilet. To enforce their understanding of toilet training, they put their chosen doll on the potty. We hope that many will use their newfound knowledge and have a go at getting toilet trained at home. Kindy students have been focusing on the topic about 'Pirates' this week. They started by reading a story ‘Pirates Love Underpants’ and completed a collaborative project on building a giant treasure map throughout the week. They also enjoyed dressing up as Pirates, played a treasure hunt game and even writing secret messages. In Phonics, Kindy continued to practise their rhyming words. In Maths, they learnt to estimate how many gemstones they can see and check by counting them.

Reception class continued learning trigraphs in Phonics. Also, they have been practising writing sentences independently. In Topic, they looked at rainforest habitats and created a wonderful piece of art in the drawing club. In Maths, they have continued with number sentences and writing correct number formation. The Reception class really enjoyed the ‘Floor is Lava’ game during Maths.

Year 1 pupils were busy learning about parts and functions of a plant this week. They spent some time browsing various non-fiction books about plants and completed ‘I see, I think and I wonder’ sentences. In Phonics, they kept on learning Phase 5 sounds, especially split diagraphs. Reception pupils will soon be introduced to alternative pronunciations of graphemes. In Maths, pupils learnt to make equal groups, arrays and doubles. Year 2 pupils have continued their learning about materials. They were extremely interested in coal, oil, and iron mining and how natural resources are found and turned into things we use every day. We used everyday materials to plan, design, and build something from natural resources. They were extremely excited for this project and the results were amazing. In Maths, Year 2 started looking at telling the time. Reviewing o’clock and half past were the starting points, with learning about quarter past and the slightly confusing quarter to times also.

Year 3 wrote acrostic poems this week including similes and alliteration. They have continued their sewing project with great focus and skill and enjoyed practising their spellings outside with hopscotch. In Maths, they have successfully completed the topic of ‘mass and capacity’ and are now feeling confident in measuring and weighing. Year 4 planned a persuasive advert using exaggeration, adjectives and imperative verbs. In Maths, they studied types of triangles, quadrilaterals and lines of symmetry. In Topic, they wrote a pledge on how to help the creatures of Borneo Island and made a spiders’ web replica model.

Year 5 pupils have started to plan their advice leaflet for Michael, offering essential survival tips for castaways. In Maths, pupils have completed their decimals, fractions and percentages unit. Topic lessons saw Year 5 carry out an experiment simulating which has most impact on sea-levels, melting ‘land ice’ or ‘sea ice’. What a busy week for Year 6 and 7! In Maths, the pupils have been learning how to interpret and draw both line and bar graphs. They have started their new unit in English on creating a ‘Monster Pizza’ for instructional writing. Some very interesting ingredients! Science lessons continued with a look at nocturnal animals and their adaptations. Year 6 and 7 also continued exploring the purpose and use of spreadsheets. Well done to those in the class who took part in the BJSL tournament on Thursday.

Another busy week indeed!

Please note that Swimming lessons at BSRC have now finished and will be replaced with Sports Day and BJSL focused PE lessons starting from next week. Please see Seesaw for the new PE schedule – timetable pinned to the top of your child’s Seesaw class.

Please remember:

Friday 19th May – Hari Raya Celebration (Food, music and a car boot sale) Parents allowed on site from 8.30am. Performances begin at 9.30am. Please come and join us.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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