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Head of Seria Campus Message

We are delighted to announce that we will be holding a special HARI RAYA Celebration Day at ISB Seria on Friday 19th May. The pupils have been rehearsing during MFL lessons to share a performance with parents. We are also welcoming parents to book a slot for our Car Boot Sale which is also running on the same day. It will be a fun-filled morning of celebration!

Would you like to take part in the Car Boot Sale? - CLICK HERE

This week Pre-Kindy pupils engaged in many fun learning activities. In Maths, they counted the number of ingredients used to make their own paints. After exploring with textures, they took their ‘own-made’ paints home in little tubs. In pre-writing literacy, children continued to work on their hand-eye coordination, tripod grip and hand control as they used pens to trace zig zag, curve and straight lines. Pre-Kindy also used a variety of wooden resources to construct structures and engaging in problem solving and logical thinking skills.

Kindy pupils continued to focus on why they need to reduce, reuse and recycle their rubbish. They went on a virtual tour through the ocean to investigate the impact of rubbish on the sea animals and their wellbeing. In writing, Kindy made a poster to remind everyone in the community to reduce the use of plastic. On Wednesday, Kindy enjoyed the 'Eco Dress Up' day where the children came to school wearing clothing made from recyclable materials. In Phonics, they learnt to sing 'Silly Soup' song and created a range of words that rhyme with a given word.

Reception have been practising trigraphs this week and have been focusing on reading and writing them - igh, ear, air and ure. In Maths, they have been practising number formation and subitising up to the number 10. During topic lessons, Reception have looked at different ‘habitats’. Also, they enjoyed a nature walk around the school to find out what kind of habitat they could find.

Year 1 pupils had a busy week! They finished up their rewriting of the story ‘Lila and the Secret of Rain’ based on the story map they have created. Pupils have also started pondering about natural living things around them. They made an observational drawing of their favourite plants and flowers on the school grounds. In Maths, pupils had fun measuring capacity using different sized containers and started making equal groups using counters.

Year 2 pupils started learning about ‘everyday materials’ this week. They went on a hunt around the school identifying different objects and what they were made of. They used their senses to help describe different materials and their properties. In Maths, they looked at fractions, how to show the different ways to make thirds and fourths.

Year 3 have worked brilliantly in pairs to estimate and accurately measure this week both in Maths, looking at volume and capacity and in Science when measuring craters. They have showed wonderful patience as they are preparing their sewing project and wonderful creativity in their newspaper writing. Their teachers have been so proud of their efforts this week - keep up the positive attitudes!

Year 4 have been working on persuasive adverts studying the features of this type of writing. In Maths, cobra class compared the sizes of different types of angles. In Art, the students drew sketches of objects which contains shapes such as a Tudor house. In guided reading, Year 4 looked at Chapter 6 of ‘Charlotte’s Web’ and researched the parts of a spider.

Year 5 have been learning what to do if they were shipwrecked on an island! For Topic, Year 5 pupils have looked at the impact of agriculture on our climate, including how much of the food we produce goes uneaten and which foods create the most and least amount of greenhouse gases. In Maths, pupils have continued to convert between fractions, percentages and decimals.

This week in Year 6/7, pupils finished their poetry unit and did a great job of writing their own poem and reciting it in class. They also finished their Maths unit on area/perimeter and a quick assessment showed their skills had improved enormously. In ICT, the Year 6/7 enjoyed looking at spread sheets and have made good progress in creating their own. In Science, they continued to look at adaptations in organisms, focusing on cold climates. All in all - a very productive week!

🗓️ Please remember:

Monday 8th May – Shared Snack in class (King Charles III Coronation)

Thursday 11th May – Swimming Competition at ISB Bandar (selected pupils from Yr. 4 – 6)

Friday 19th May – Hari Raya Celebration (Food, music and a car boot sale) from 8am

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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