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Head of Seria Campus Message

The Chinese New Year celebrations were an exciting feature of Week 19. The pupils made lanterns and dressed in red for our Year 1 to Year 6 Zoom Assembly where we also saw highlights of the Mandarin lessons and activities available this week (CNY Highlights)

Next week (Week 20) will include a very special day for all pupils across Seria and Bandar. Friday 11thFebruary will be a ‘House Challenge & Wellbeing Day’ and will be a chance for all pupils to have some fun away from screens with activities being set by members of the Seria and Bandar PE Department for another, sensational Cross Campus Event. I have a feeling this day may be linked to the start of the Winter Olympics…but we will all find out soon.

All activities, challenges, competitions and event details next Friday will be set in the HOUSE FOLDERS on Seesaw by 7pm on Thursday 10th February. This promises to be an excellent day of quality, physical activities to promote mental health and wellbeing. Please do join Mr. Wilson and myself at 8am next Friday morning as we kick off the events during the special live YouTube Assembly from Seria campus (links sent via Seesaw by 7.45am).

May I ask all parents and pupils to be mindful of their own wellbeing too. The slogan ‘it is okay to not be okay’is more than a saying, it is a clear statement of support during these unprecedented times. It is vital that the resilient ISB Community help and care for each other. If you need help – please ask. If you need someone to talk to – we are always here. Please note that our professional School Counsellors not only help and support our pupils, but they also are a valuable resource for parents and staff too.

I am immensely proud of the tremendous hard work and stamina of the ISB pupils, parents and staff. Now, it is time to switch off and enjoy the weekend.

Mr. Rick Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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