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Head of Seria Campus Message

Our CRAZY HAIR DAY, in support of the pupils attending FOBISIA this year, was a huge success. ISB, once again, proved that we have very talented and creative pupils…and parents too! The video below shows just some of the highlights from the very enjoyable day.

This week, Pre-Kindy class talked about going shopping to the supermarket. Their role play learning was linked to this. They identified fruits and vegetables and learnt to count money. They also took part at creating and exploring different role plays which enhanced their communication and language as well as their social skills. The PK pupils have also been working on their fine motor skills as they learnt to trace connecting dots for shapes and numbers. Kindy pupils started learning about -'How to recycle waste' this week. They went on a scavenger hunt to look for materials and waste to re-use in their craft activities. In Phonics, they practised a few skills in identifying and matching letters to the correct sounds. In Maths, they gained experience in selecting the correct numeral to represent objects up to 10.

It was another fun and exciting week in Reception class. At the beginning of this week, they found a bird's nest which created curiosity amongst the Class members. In the drawing club, they drew a bird's nest and wrote sentences about it – ‘Who might this belong to and where might it come from?’ In the Gruffalo Theatre, they had a great deal of fun acting out the story and were particularly excited to be one of the main characters. In Maths, they have used various resources (number stones, numicon and dominos) to make number sentences. In Topic, the pupils have painted the Gruffalo characters which they made from salt dough last week. Reception class enjoyed listening to 'The Colour Monster' story and were able to identify the similarities between this story and the Zones of Regulation used in class.

Year 1 read the story ‘Lila and the Secret of Rain’ and made the story map to identify the characters, setting, problem and solution. Pupils also learnt the importance of rain and how it affects a village from the story. In Maths, they have continued to measure and compare mass using cubes and started learning about volume and capacity. Pupils also enjoyed a crazy hair day in support of the pupils attending FOBISIA! Year 2 learnt more about the different states of matter. They were able to recognise different solids, liquids and gases. They did a small experiment looking at how long liquid takes to freeze into a solid and what it looks like over time as it turns solid. This will continue as they look at how long it takes to turn back into a liquid in the sun next week. In Maths, they started looking at halving. They also started looking at how to write fractions and what each number in a fraction means.

Year 3, this week, have been learning about the different time periods that dinosaurs roamed the Earth. They drew their own timeline outside and drew and labelled the dinosaurs. In Maths, they have been learning how to compare and order factions successfully and have shown real progress with their understanding. They also spotted an unusual creature stomping through the school Eco area and wrote a recount all about it! Year 4 have taken part in a free writing challenge based on climbing up Europe’s highest mountain. They have written a descriptive paragraph, a story and a diary entry based on the same theme. In Maths, Year 4 continued to study perimeters, focusing on rectilinear shapes. Cobra class completed an experiment focusing on sound vibrations and in topic they looked at features in an atlas such as longitude and latitude and searched for world-wide locations using Google Earth.

Year 5 have looked at using personification to give human actions and emotions to animals or objects to create an effect in their writing. In Maths, pupils have converted non unit fractions into decimals up to two decimal places. With ‘Earth Day’ coming soon, Year 5 pupils have continued their Climate Change topic by conducting an experiment to show how the Greenhouse Effect could increase the temperature of our planet dramatically. Pupils in Year 6 and Year 7 have had a great week. In Maths, they continued to investigate area, moving on to the area of triangles and parallelograms. In English, the pupils excitingly started a unit on poetry, starting with ‘The Listeners’ by Walter de la Mare. They had fun looking at the way organisms adapt to hot environments in Science. In Computing, they looked closely at their relationship with social media and how to keep safe online. Of course, they all enjoyed 'letting their hair down' for Crazy Hair Day!

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Thank you all and Selamat Hari Raya.

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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