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Head of Seria Campus Message

Next Thursday is a special ‘CRAZY HAIR DAY’. Pupils and staff will get creative with making their hair crazy or wearing a funny wig for the day. Please see the video below which also includes some ingenious examples from pupils in Australia. Every pupil must arrive at school with $2 on this day. This donation will help to support the FOBISIA pupils.

Details about ‘What is FOBISIA?’ can be found on the link at the bottom of this letter.

Welcome back to Term 3! A special shout out to our new pupils, parents and families. It has only been a short week, but the pupils have returned ready to do their very best…

Pre-Kindy pupils have been emotionally and physically resettling themselves to the class routines and learning. Well done to the few pupils who are undergoing toilet training and are trying their best. The PK class have revisited their counting skills and are meeting the challenge of counting objects. In Physical Education, pupils worked on their gross motor development. Kindy pupils have welcomed two new students this term. They have been resettling into their class routines and were happy getting to know their new friends. This week, they engaged in many fun activities that focus on strengthening their little fingers, such as cutting spaghetti using a pair of scissors, picking up pom poms using a pair of tweezers, drawing a giant rainbow on the pavement using chalk and connecting dot-to-dot picture activities.

Reception class were excited to be back in school after the half term. They have noticed new learning areas which have been introduced in the classroom. In Maths, they have been working hard to explore how two numbers can be put together to make one number. They have been looking at compositions of numbers up to 8 (this is where they need to find different pairs of numbers to make the total). In Literacy, Reception have been working hard on their sentence writing - applying their phonics knowledge and trying hard to use capital letters, finger spaces, and full stops. Reception have been recapping Phonics Phase 2 sounds and words. Our topic (habitat) has been introduced to the class through the story ‘The Gruffalo'.

Year 1 pupils started off this term by wondering about the new topic ‘Living things around us’. Pupils spent some time describing different weather conditions around the world. They looked closely at one of the hottest continents in the world - Africa and pondered what would happen if there was no rain in this continent? Year 1 have also been excited to learn more about different animals living around them. In Maths, pupils compared lengths and heights in addition to measuring length using cubes and rulers. Year 2 pupils had a great start to the term. They have started to look at fractions, ‘What makes a whole and how to make equal parts?’ They also started looking at states of matter and how liquid can be either solid, liquid, or gas by heating or cooling. The pupils will develop more independent skills, such as the weekly challenges, which will need to be completed for Fun Friday.

Year 3 have had a very enthusiastic and fun start to Term 3! The class discovered 2 enormous eggs in the staff room and have spent the week monitoring them to look for signs of hatching. They wrote engaging news articles about the discovery and have used the ‘5 Ws’ to record their own opening paragraphs. In Maths, they have started to learn about fractions and use technical language to explain their reasoning. Their topic focusing on ‘dragons and dinosaurs’ has captured everyone's attention and they are staring to determine facts from myths! Year 4 have been writing their final biographies and they are now at the publishing stage as the final editing is complete. In Maths, they have been learning to calculate perimeter on both a grid and using measurements on a shape. In Topic, Year 4 went on virtual tour around the world visiting a variety of interactive habitats. In Science, they thought carefully about what they already knew about sound and recorded their thoughts on a mind map.

Year 5 arrived back in class eager to start Term 3. Pupils have converted decimals to equivalent fractions in Maths. For English, they have started analysing character feelings and emotion in the first chapter of our new book, ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. In Topic, pupils have revisited habitats and will now start examining the effect climate change is having on our planet’s habitats. Year 6 and 7 have had a great and positive start to the term. Everyone is well rested and full of enthusiasm to learn. In English, we have started to analyse the opening chapters of our book for this term, ‘Holes’. Maths has started well, the topic is "Area". The pupils have completed a pre-assessment task so they can see where they are now and look back later to see the great progress they have made over the term. In Science. Year 6 and 7 have started their set of lessons on "Adaptation" and they also started a series of lesson in Computing covering ‘internet safety’. All in all, a great start to the final term!

What is FOBISIA and what are the FOBISIA GAMES? Please click on the video below.

Please remember:

Swimming for Reception to Year 7 returns on Monday and Tuesday next week – normal arrangements. Fasting pupils will be allowed to remain in school if they choose not to swim.

Please note the Hari Raya arrangements below. Once we have confirmation of any moon sighting, we will inform all parents via email and on Seesaw.

Thank you all and have a great weekend!

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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