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Head of Seria Campus Message

Pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6 travelled to ISB Bandar for the Brunei Junior Sports League football tournament. Pupils from across Brunei joined in with these games which were competitive, friendly and fun. All ISB Seria teams showed excellent sportsmanship and had a real drive to do their very best. Well done everyone to all pupils who were involved and a huge thank you to Coach Russell and the members of staff managing the teams.

This week, Pre-Kindy pupils have used mathematical counting to make waffles. They also developed some ‘self-help’ skills during this learning activity and were excited to take the delicious treats home with them. Pre-Kindy pupils saw their butterfly artwork displayed on the class gallery board. They admired each other's work and were so proud of what they created. Great work Pre-Kindy!

In Literacy, Kindy pupils have been learning about the characters of 'The Billy Goats Gruff' and even designed their own bridges. They also have been working hard on their hand-eye coordination, holding pencils in the correct tripod grips to trace and make marks. In Maths, Kindy continued working on number recognition skills for numbers 6-10. In Phonics, they learnt a new letter sound 'p'. Kindy pupils certainly enjoyed their environmental walk to the OGDC Playground and look forward to more trips next term.

In Phonics, Reception pupils have been learning the sounds air, ure and er. They have continued to practice writing new words and sentences. In Maths, they have continued to look at patterns and different ways to make patterns. In addition, they have looked at the differences between day/night and light/dark. They enjoyed a walk to Seria park at the beginning of the week and had a pyjama party with stories, smores and hot chocolate to end the week.

Year 1 pupils worked especially hard on improving their writing skills this week. They have spent time rewriting the story of ‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes in their own words using the story map. In Maths, pupils continued to work on place value and made tens and ones with manipulatives. They have also finished making a Borneo version of ‘One is a snail, ten is a crab’ class book! Year 2 have been looking at plants this week. They learnt about the lifecycle and different parts of a plant and their function. They also briefly looked at plants in different habitats in small group activities and used iPads to research information. They are becoming such wonderfully independent learners. In Maths, they learnt about volume and how to accurately measure in millimetres and litres. They also learnt about comparing volumes and how different containers can hold the same amount of liquid.

Year 3 have continued working on their own non-chronological reports drawing labelled diagrams and writing a story opener to hook the reader! In Maths, they have shown real progress at recognising and explaining equivalent lengths and in Science they have watched their own cress seeds germinate and sprout- much quicker than they predicted! Year 4 have completed a pre-writing biography activity in order to select their desired subject. They began their research on a famous figure using key questions for guidance. In Maths, they worked on 3 digit by 1 digit division problems and correspondence questions. In Science, Year 4 finished an assessment on their Electricity topic.

Year 5 students have continued to analyse instructions to see what language structure and technique helps improve a set of instructions. In Maths, students have looked at methods to calculate the area of compound shapes. During topic, students carried out a chemical reaction experiment and now know how to extract carbon dioxide from vinegar. Year 6 and 7 have looked at structure of a biography in English whilst examining the life and work of famous scientists such as Charles Darwin and Jane Goodall. Good progress in algebra was evident in their final unit maths test. Google Earth and geographic knowledge have combined for some fun exploration using longitude and latitude coordinates.

Please remember

ECAs have finished for Term 2. Only the PAID ECAs (Robotics & OmniSports) are running next week.

Thursday 23rd or Friday 24th will be a day off to celebrate the first day of Ramadhan. Please keep an eye out for Seesaw and ISB social media on Wednesday evening for confirmation.

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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