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Head of Seria Campus Message

This week all parents had the opportunity to talk with their child’s class teacher in our Parent Teacher Consultations. The feedback has been amazing and I would like to share just some of the scores and comments from parents after their meetings. Please allow me to join you in applauding the hardworking staff at ISB who have worked extremely hard to make these meeting a success.

Pre-Kindy pupils completed ‘shape threading’ where they worked on colour, shape recognition as well as concentration and hand-eye coordination to make some beautiful designs which were shared in our Whole School Assembly. To extend their interest (after seeing a butterfly in the playground) they made a craft butterfly in class and learnt a song about them. Pre-Kindy’s role play area of ‘pizza and ice cream parlour’ continues to be very popular and this week they had even more customers! Kindy pupils have been working hard to recall and retell the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' in their own words. In Science, they enjoyed experimenting and exploring various ways to build a house which could withstand the huff and puff of the Big Bad Wolf. In Art, they enjoyed using various drawing tools such as pencils, chalks and oil pastels to create their first freestyle collaborative drawing on paper. In Phonics, they continued to develop their alliteration awareness by recalling a list of objects beginning with the same initial sound.

Reception pupils have continued to learn new sounds in Phonics and have focused on writing sentences. In Maths, they have looked at patterns and how patterns are created. In addition, they have been learning about light and dark and how the earth moves around the sun to make night and day. In the newly created 'cave' at the back of the classroom, they have explored glow in the dark stars displaying letters and words. Using torches they have created stories with silhouettes and shadows. A number of students also created a campfire, using the foam bricks and torch to create a glow - resembling a fire.

Year 1 pupils were busy coming up with actions to retell the story of ‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes this week and started drawing a story map to help them recall the story. In Maths, pupils continued to work hard on building addition and subtraction skills by making a fact family. They are becoming more confident mathematicians day by day! Year 2 celebrated their topic ‘animal classification and animal life-cycles’ by going to the Jerudong Petting Zoo. It was an absolutely wonderful day where the pupils were able to look, touch and feed different animals they have been learning about in class. All the wonderful pictures of Year 2 enjoying the day are posted on Seesaw for parents to look through and enjoy with their child. Year 2 also started learning about plants; this continues from the previous animal topic. In Maths, they started looking at measurements and how to use rulers and measuring wheels to measure different objects around the whole school.

Year 3 have completed their Maths multiplication and division unit, but continue to practice their times tables daily. In Science this week they have investigated how water is transported up a stem of a plant and enjoyed using microscopes to identify different parts of the flower. Kingfishers continue to gather exciting vocabulary in English to use in their own non-chronological reports. A has been a great week in Kingfisher class! Year 4 have written a book review for their class book ‘Operation Gadgetman’. They answered questions such which part scared them the most and which character changed the most during the story. In Maths, they worked on division using counters and using the Partitioning method. In Science, Year 4 made their own switches and tested them in circuits. In Art, they finished their radial symmetry designs. In Computing, Year 4 class made book review videos using the iMovie app.

Year 5 pupils have been working out the perimeter of 2D shapes this week, as well as refreshing their memories of regular polygons. In English, they have continued to improve their instructional skills with modal and imperative verbs. Pupils have enjoyed testing different ways to separate mixtures and explaining which method worked best depending on the mixed materials. Year 6 and 7 pupils wowed Mr. David and Mr. Ramsden with newspaper articles this week! The Hot Write assessments have been completed in English with some wonderful work and articles being written. In Maths, algebra equations have been formed and we are inversing operations to solve them. Year 6 and 7 will finish their class book from this term 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' soon, will it be a sad ending? Navigation around Google Maps and Google Earth has excited the class in ICT. Parents also enjoyed looking at their child’s silhouette and self-portrait artwork during the Parent Teacher Consultations this week.

Please remember:

Pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 will leave campus at 6.30am this coming Thursday 16th March to take part in the Brunei Junior Sports League. Good luck to all involved! Please make sure pupils arrive before 6.30am to board the coach.

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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