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Head of Seria Campus Message

We had many visitors on site this week! From new parents and pupils to representatives from Brunei Shell and from ISB Board of Directors to the Secondary House Captains. ISB Seria is certainly and buzzing, exciting and vibrant place.

We were very happy to welcome the Head Boy and Head Girl of ISB Bandar who joined the Secondary House Captains in a series of fun events for our Year 3 – 7 House Challenge activity. Pupils certainly enjoyed the morning. Highlights from the ‘Tug-of-War’ competition can be seen below. Well done to everyone involved and congratulations to the GREEN TEAM (Penyu) for winning the trophy.

Also this week at ISB Seria…

The Pre-Kindy class took part in a role play of pizza and ice cream parlour where they discussed about their favourite pizza toppings and ice cream flavours. They shared resources, listen to and understood each other, worked co-operatively and contributed to play ideas, thus, enhancing their language development and creative skills. In Maths and Science, the pupils counted and baked cheesy pasta and observed excitedly as it cooked in the oven while they talked about heat and temperature. For Writing, Pre-Kindy used their dominant hand to trace and make marks with sticks on sand. Kindy pupils have focused on people who rescue us from the dangers of fire. In Literacy, they read a book called ' Firefighter ' and talked about what kind of equipment they use. In Art, Kindy created their own fire-engine craft and painted 'fire' using watercolours. The most popular area in the class this week was the dramatic firefighters role play activities. These activities not only extended their vocabularies and communication skills but also enhanced their creative thinking skills. In Maths, they learnt to develop fast number recognition skills up to 5 objects, without having to count them – clever pupils!

Reception class have been ‘crocodiles and superheroes’ this week. They have been learning the mathematical terminology of 'greater than' and 'less than' and 'equals' plus the inequality and equal symbols. They have learnt this through acting as crocodiles swimming up a river and deciding which side of the river they should turn to eat the highest number. They have also been subitising superheroes, subitising numbers up to 10 and rehearsing number bonds. In Phonics, they have been learning the 'ar' 'or' and 'ur' phonemes and writing sentences that use words with these graphemes. A few pupils requested to build their own Chinese lion. They took it in turns to either play the drums or be inside the lion performing for their peers. It was a great show!

Year 1 pupils pondered about how some materials are created by humans. They questioned “Where does wool and steel come from?” and started making a small instruction booklet of how to make wool from sheep. Pupils also had a busy week finding and making different ways to write addition number sentences after reading the book ‘One is a snail, Ten is a crab.’ Pupils are very excited to create their own Borneo version of the book as a class next week! Year 2 have spent this week learning about chicken and turtle lifecycles. They were fascinated by the journey of turtle hatchlings trying to survive from their nest, on the beach, to the ocean - to be able to grow into adult turtles. It’s been wonderful to see how inquisitive they are about the world around them. In Maths, they focused on halving and recalling doubling and halving maths facts. They continue to spend quality time reading and writing each day.

Year 3 class have continued learning about division and remainders in Maths and have been introduced to scaling and how they can use their multiplication facts to help them. In English, they have continued learning about and practising the features included in a non-chronological report and learnt some new ambitious adjectives too. In Science, they recorded their results from investigating what a plant needs to grow and, most excitedly this week, they have been taking part in random acts of kindness for other classes, but sssshhhh don't tell anyone…it's a secret! Year 4 Cobras have been learning about written methods of multiplication both formal and informal. In English, they have been creating a trailer for their scratch computer game and reading the last few chapters of our class book Operation Gadget Man. Year 4 successfully predicted the ending of the story. In Art, the pupils have made Radial symmetrical designs using different types of folded paper. In Science, they used various materials to create their own switches. In Topic, Year 4 researched a famous invention/ inventor.

Year 5 have finished off their fractions unit by subtracting from mixed numbers, including problems of time. In English, they had a great deal of fun evaluating how useful a set of instructions were at explaining how to play different games. In Topic, the students have discovered some items are soluble and some are insoluble by conducting scientific experiments. Year 6 and 7 are on a hot write task to round off the newspaper journalistic style they have been learning about this term. Headlines to grab the reader’s attention have been written and storylines planned. Ratio was finished off and they made a good start on Algebra in mathematics. The Flower Art Competition work has been scanned and entered in for most pupils are they are looking fantastic.

Well done everyone. Another successful week with lots to celebrate.

Please remember:

Tuesday 7th March and Wednesday 7th March – Parent Teacher Meetings.


I am looking forward to seeing you all next week.

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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