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Head of Seria Campus Message

An adventurous team of Year 5 pupils, with Coach Russell, returned from a 3-day residential to the Eco Village (Sumbiling) in Temborong. They had a wonderful time with several exciting jungle activities. They worked extremely well with the Year 5 pupils from Bandar and have created memories they will remember forever. A big thank you to Coach Russell, the Bandar staff and ECO Village staff for an adventure to remember.

This week, Pre-Kindy children continued with 1-1 corresponding counting in Maths. Pupils also revisited shape hunt around the environment and challenge themselves to find the most shapes and identify them quickly. Pre-Kindy also learnt to stay focused while using their dominant hand to complete a cutting activity with scissors. In role play, the pupils have been learning about sharing resources, taking turns and speaking in full sentences as they recreate roles and imagine scenarios. Kindy pupils have been working hard to develop their awareness of print through various fun activities, such as learning to decode the meaning of traffic signs which they saw on the road, learning to recognise the individual letter of their names and the shape of their names, playing playdough alphabet, and tracing name activities. In Maths, they learnt to measure the growth of their plants by using unconventional measurements such as blocks and practising their counting skills by using one to one correspondence.

Reception pupils have continued with learning new sounds in Phonics. In addition, they have been rehearsing letter formation and learning how to write simple sentences. In Maths, they have been looking at doubling and halving. Reception have continued to look at the human body, learning the roles of some of the organs, such as heart and intestines. Year 1 children have been learning about everyday materials around them and written description of materials. They have also continued to enjoy learning how to play different games such as playing with marbles, hopscotch, and jumping ropes made of rubber bands. Pupils thought about which materials would be the best to use when making their own kites. In Maths, they honed their addition skills by counting on and using number bonds.

Year 2 have continued the topic ‘Growth’ by learning about food chains and how animals are categorised by what they eat. They looked at making different food chains with different animals, using their amazing reading skills to help answer questions about what makes a food chain. In Maths, they started to learn and master their 2 Times Table and other ways to show making groups. This week, Year 3 have been writing lots! They have done a fantastic job! They have worked hard to include dialogue and ambitious adjectives in their own adventure stories and learnt about the benefit of having a plan. In Maths, they have continued to grow in confidence multiplying larger numbers together using their multiplication facts to help them. They also designed eye catching persuasive posters ready for their cookie sale on Friendship Day next Tuesday.

Year 4 have continued their computer programming topic by creating a survey to judge which type of game to make for our Year 3 friends. They completed circuit investigations using motors buzzers and bulbs. They continued making their shoes by adding felt and material to the insole. Year 4 studied instructions from board games and made a mood board from pieces of instructions that they found. They finished their first block of multiplication and division by revising the 6, 7 and 9 Times Tables.

Some of the Year 5 class members are enjoying a residential trip this week in Temburong (see above). In Maths, Year 5 have continued adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator and add fractions with a total greater than 1. In English, Year 5 have used subordinate clauses in their diary writing. Using SPaG skills, the have solved the 5th clue to finding the Lost City. In Topic, they have created a poster about different materials explaining whether they are raw or synthetic, their properties and their uses. Year 6/7 pupils have investigated additive & multiplicative relationships of numbers (Ratios) in Maths and mr. David and Mr. Ramsden have seen some impressive pupil understanding. In English, they have developed more complex sentences with subordinate and relative clauses as they act as journalists to write a report. In Science, they have been experimenting with light, vision and spectrums and discovering how Newton dispersed light through a prism.

Next Tuesday (14th February) we celebrate Friendship Day. Years 3 are making and selling cookies, please bring in $1 to buy a tasty cookie.

There will be NO SWIMMING lesson on Monday and Tuesday next week. Pupils are not to be dropped at BSRC on either day.

Have a wonderfully weekend.

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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