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Head of Seria Campus Message

A key ingredient in our broad and balanced curriculum is the ever popular ‘school trip’. Whether they are day visits, residentials or even special guests on site, learning outside of the classroom offers a great enrichment to lessons and topics. This week, Year 2 and Year 3 visited some local establishments to enhance their understanding of topics studied in class.

Pre-Kindy pupils have started to learn about 1 to 1 corresponding counting in Maths this week. They learnt to ‘point and touch’ concrete objects and count them consecutively. They have also challenged themselves to recite numbers confidently. The pupils looked at different fruits and discussed their favourite during mat time. Pre-Kindy also made a fruit collage which they are very proud of and has been included in their class display. Kindy pupils have continued with their food topic and learning about where our food comes from and how to grow it. They took a closer look at the seeds inside the apple, kiwi and pumpkin, talking about how seeds can be different in term of shape, size and colour. In Maths, they continued to practise their number recognition skills through flower planting games. In Science, they planted their first seeds and learnt that seeds need soil, sun, water and air to grow.

Reception have continued with phonics, learning new digraphs qu, ch and th. In Maths, they have explored capacity and the vocabulary related to capacity such as full, empty, nearly full, nearly empty, half full and half empty. In ‘Understanding the World’, they have been learning about the body both inside and out. Playing in the hospital role play area, they have been discovering how to check temperatures, take blood pressure, listen to heartbeats using real stethoscopes, looking at x rays and wrapping bandages to fix 'broken' bones.

Year 1 pupils finished reading the book ‘A Friend for Little Bear’ by Harry Horse this week. They made inferences and wrote their opinions about which they thought was more important – ‘friends’ or ‘toys’? In Topic, pupils spent some time interviewing their parents about old toys and games they used to play with when they were young. Year 1 enjoyed learning how to play some old traditional games from the past and Ms. Ema made a special visit to teach us how to play Congkak as well! Year 2 went to SupaSave on Monday and had a great time finding both healthy and unhealthy food while also considering prices. They also looked at how the heart work with an experiment that showed how the heart pumped blood around their bodies. In Maths, they focused on multiplication and groups of 5 with an activity of skyscrapers with windows as arrays of 5. They have had a great week in Year 2!

Year 3 have focussed extremely well in planning their own adventure stories, they are so excited to start writing them next week. In Maths, they have used their existing number fact knowledge to multiply larger 2 digit numbers and they have continued to read and explore ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. The Kingfishers had a very informative visit to the dentists too where they were shown how to effectively clean their teeth, everyone received a free check-up from Dr.Padma too.

Year 4 started creating their own shoes by making a foot template and an insole. They began a new science topic called Electricity by looking at which electrical items run off the mains and which are battery powered. Year 4 created a Zig Zag booklet by following three different kind of instructions. In Maths, they have studied the 7, 11 and 12 division and times tables. Year 4 read Chapter 6 of our ‘Operation Gadgetman’ book and defined words that they were not familiar with. Year 5 have looked at the properties of synthetic materials and some of the reasons why we change raw materials to suit our requirements. In English, pupils have used subordinating conjunctions to create complex sentences. They have been searching for a lost city using ‘SPaG’ rules to help solve the tricky clues. In Maths, Year 5 are adding and subtracting fractions and have looked at the importance of showing working out to make it easier to find errors.

This week Year 6 and 7 have been practising listening and reading comprehension in English by summarizing Chapters 1 to 7 of the book ‘The Boy with the Striped Pyjamas’ by creating a comic strip. They have had to understand the storyline key information in captions, speech and think bubbles, draw characters and settings as well as convey the emotions felt. In Science, light and sight have seen many practical experiments for refraction, splitting white light into a rainbow of colours and replicating a periscope by angling mirrors. Mathematics and measurements have been equally enlightening with discovering metric and imperial converting figures, but best of all finding out that there is an imperial measurement called a Ramsden’s Chainfor engineering! Mr. Ramsden was very happy with this!

We wish our Year 5 pupils and staff all the very best for their residential to the Eco Village in Temburong next week. I am sure they will have an amazing time and I cannot wait to share the photographs with you in next week’s newsletter.

Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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