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Head of Seria Campus Message

Congratulations to all the pupils in Years 1, 2 and 3 who tried their very hardest in the NUMBOTS Challenge. The top three winners are shown below. Please watch the video to see all the pupils and awards over the last 2 weeks, leading up to the Grand Final.

1st Place – Dakshyu (Year 1)

2nd Place Nayraa (Year 1)

3rd Place – Martin (Year 3)

More competitions and House Captain Challenges to come over the next few weeks.

This week, Pre-Kindy have continued their learning about Chinese New Year. The children made Chinese fans and lanterns. These were then proudly displayed on the PK display board. Pre-Kindy pupils also learnt to handle a plastic knife with care and used their dominant hand to make ‘rabbit sandwiches’. During this activity, they learnt about 1-on-1 corresponding counting. Kindy pupils have been learning about how Chinese New Year was celebrated around the world. They enjoyed listening to the story about 'Nian' and looking at traditional costumes and food. In Art, they learnt to build a 3-D lion head using boxes as props for their lion-dance role play and 3-D firecrackers. They also learned to use chopsticks to pick up pom poms. In Phonics, they learnt to sound out the initial sound of their own names. Reception pupils have been working on counting to 100, the differences between the shapes (pentagon, hexagon and octagon) and number bonds to 10. They also looked at their family, discussing parents, grandparents, siblings and the extended family. In addition, the Reception pupils have been working on the formation of letters in writing and have been regularly reading, some even read some 7 letter words, which they were very proud of!

Year 1 pupils have been learning about toys from the past and how they are similar and different from modern toys today. They have been busy writing detailed description of toys, and the materials they are made from, during this week. In Maths, they have been working hard on representing numbers within 20 using different manipulatives and learning to find numbers one more and one less. In Year 2, the pupils began learning about healthy and unhealthy foods, linked to nutrition. They looked at why eating too much sugar is bad for you and why they should eat lots of fruits and vegetables each day (even if they don’t want to!).

In English they looked at wrote sentences about eating healthy and facts they learnt. In Maths, they continued to learn about ‘arrays’ and the different meanings for it, using it in a sentence, repeated addition, or multiplication.

Year 3 pupils have been working incredibly hard with their writing this week. They learnt about different story openers and how to include dialogue in their writing. The Kingfishers have also continued to learn their multiplication and division facts and are now close to completing their own Kente patterned weaving. In Year 4 this week they began to design their own shoe by thinking about design problems and an initial prototype. They completed a science assessment on ‘States of Matter’. In Maths, Year 4 continued their multiplication unit by looking at the 6x and the 9x times and division tables. In English, wthey simplified instructions by adding conjunctions and deleting repeated phrases.

Year 5 pupils have compared and organised fractions, making the denominators the same to check their answers. In Topic, they have started to look at where we get raw materials from, and what the properties are of some of these materials. For English, pupils have used a variety of coordinating conjunctions to link sentences together. There is a lot of excitement from those students already signed up to the residential camp. Year 6 and Year 7 have written up their diary entry as a character from ‘The Boy with the Striped Pyjamas’ and started to present it to the class. There is some impressive writing! Science has covered light & dark, night & day. Practical experiments for reflective material and temperature absorption also went well this week. In Maths, the Year 6/7 have been converting metric measurements, handy for the Celsius and Fahrenheit readings in Science.

Next week, watch out for photographs and Social Media posts about our very successful ECA programme this term. In the meantime, I do hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Please make a note of these upcoming events.

8th - 10th February 2023 - Year 5 Residential Visit to Eco Village, Temburong

20th & 23rd February - Public Holiday (School Closed)

7th - 8th March 2023 - Parent Teacher Meetings

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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