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Head of Seria Campus Message

What a wonderful way to end a busy week (and to start the long weekend) by celebrating Chinese New Year in style. The pupils and staff looked vibrant today and the dynamic Lion Dance, to finish the day, was an extra special treat.

A huge thank you to the following parents who sponsored this event, which included: the Lion Dance performance, Mandarin Oranges and ISB biscuits for all pupils.

Pre-Kindy pupils took part in ‘collaborative art’ this week, working on their creative and social skills. During this activity, they also learnt the name of colours as well as reinforced their understanding of shapes. For their physical learning activity, the pupils worked on their gross motor movements and learnt to use their spatial awareness to balance as they walked on raised crates. They explored ‘Dinosaur World’ and focused on learning new words and speaking in full sentences. Kindy pupils continued with their 'Healthy Eating ' topic. Pupils enjoyed making potato kebabs, exploring the corn cob play area and looking closely at their own snack box to identify healthy food. They also enjoyed cutting fruit and tasting the different delicious flavours. These activities provided an excellent opportunity for pupils to explore new fruit and to sharpen their hand-eye coordination skills at the same time. Thank you to all the parents for remembering to provide a wide variety of uncut fruit every Tuesday. Reception pupils have continued to concentrate on the formation of letters and revising vocabulary and letter sounds. In Maths, they have been continuing to learn number bonds to 5, subitising and they have started to count to 100, through a morning exercise routine. Reception pupils have enjoyed decorating the classroom in preparation for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Year 1 pupils started making predictions after looking at the cover of the book ‘A Friend for Little Bear’ by Harry Horse this week. They deduced which characters and settings would be in the story. In Topic, Year 1 were excited to learn about the history of teddy bears. They also had some time to have a virtual visit to the ‘Museum of Teddy Bears’ in Jeju island in Korea! The pupils continued with the Numbots challenge and learn about tens and ones in Maths. Year 2 have continued learning about how humans grow. They created a timeline using baby pictures, current pictures and a filter to show them what they may look like when they are older. They loved it! Year 2 were also able to write sentences about each stage of development and Miss Lisa is so proud of their developing writing and spelling skills. In Maths, the pupils continued learning about equal groups and arrays to help build the foundations of multiplication. Pupils created “arrays” of sunshine which they enjoyed very much. Year 3 have started their adventure story writing unit by describing characters with ambitious adjectives. They have also shown fantastic diligence learning their 3 Times Tables - all whilst taking part in the Numbots challenge. In Topic, Year 3 have been learning more about cacao producing countries, focusing this week on Ghana and the traditional textile weaving of Kente cloth.

Year 4 have started a multiplication unit and began by recapping the 3 and 6 Times Tables. They made water cycle diagrams in Science and an interactive water wheel. Year 4 continued their Scratch topic in ICT by creating a birthday scene with a sprite eating a cake – please see examples on Seesaw. The pupils have written a set of instructions based on how to create the world’s best paper plane. Finally, they created origami rabbits to help celebrate Chinese New Year. Year 5 this week have been writing a whole class diary from the perspective of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. Pupils also refreshed their understanding of comparative and superlative endings. In Maths, pupils have turned improper fractions into mixed numbers and know how this function works in reverse. In Topic, Miss Senny taught the Year 5s the art of Chinese Calligraphy. In Year 6 and Year 7 Maths, the pupils have focused on decimals in metric measurement & converting units of measurement. In English, there have been some impressive creative writing of a diary entry as one of the characters from ‘The Boy with the Striped Pyjamas’. Science experiments took place this week to figure out how light helps us to see objects. The "My Story" topic has compared the life of Bruno in Berlin, back in 1942, with their own life experiences in 2023.

I am sure you will agree, it has been another busy and exciting week at ISB Seria.

Please enjoy the long week. School re-opens on Tuesday 24th January.

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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