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Head of Seria Campus Message

Next week, it is the turn of the Year 1, 2 and 3 pupils to take part in the NUMBOTS Challenge!

The pupils have 2 weeks to improve their Maths skills and win a place on the leader board. There will be awards for the winners in each individual Year Group and also a special award for the ‘overall winner’. Good luck Years 1, 2 and 3!

Pre-Kindy, this week, went for an environmental walk to identify shapes, colours and numbers in the surroundings as well as working on their physical skills. Throughout the week, the Pre-Kindy pupils have learnt how to sing some new counting nursery rhymes. For art and craft, they used shapes to create pictures. In Kindy, the pupils enjoyed engaging in activities which focused on 'healthy eating' such as: designing food alphabet, playing food guessing games, chopping vegetables and participating in ‘Farmer’s Market’ role play activities. In Phonics, the pupils focused on the beginning sound of letter 't' by practising pronouncing the name of the pictures that begin with letter 't'. In Maths, they explored 2D shapes and learnt to use mathematical language: sides, corners, straight, flat, and round to describe the properties of shapes and objects.

Reception pupils have started writing in books, reinforcing the formation of the letters they have learnt so far. In Maths, they have been looking at the rules for counting, such as counting each item only once, counting in order and the cardinal number. In addition, the pupils have been exploring how to make kites, predicting what would happen if they used different materials, styles, length of string and using them inside or outside. They have also been reminding each other to use kind hands and words.

Year 1 pupils have started having discussions about their new topic ‘Pleasures and Treasures’ by sharing their favourite toys from home this week. They have also read the story ‘Old Bear’ by Jane Hissey and discussed why toys are special to us. Year 1 have also played a traditional game ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ and began to write instructions of how to play the game. In Maths, they have continued to name and sort 2D and 3D shapes. Children especially enjoyed making their own shape patterns too! Year 2 started learning about how human grow throughout their lives and what each stage is called and represents. They’ve enjoyed learning about what happens as people grow. In Maths, they started learning about basic multiplication concepts such as creating equals groups and adding them together using repeated addition. Everyone is continuing to improve their reading fluency and Miss Lisa is so proud of everyone’s reading level in Year 2.

Year 3 have enjoyed looking at the book 'Into the Forest' recognising features of a fairy tale and inferring characters emotions from illustrations. On Wednesday they had a wonderful trip to make and eat delicious pancakes at Pastamania. In Maths, they have revisited addition with exchange as well as rehearsing times tables. A busy fun filled week of learning! Year 4 also enjoyed an amazing trip to Pastamania where they learned how to turn a liquid into a solid and completed a set of instructions on how to make a pancake. Year 4 conducted an evaporation investigation and continued their time topic in Maths. They continued their scratch programming topic by completing a series of challenges such as creating an underwater scene with a moving ‘sprite’.

This week Year 5 have analysed famous diary entries to identify features of writing, such as pronouns and adverbials of time. In Maths, they have used their multiplication and division skills to compare and find equivalent fractions. During topic, pupils created a PowerPoint quiz to test their classmates’ knowledge about, ‘What is Culture?’ This week Year 6 and 7 continue the concept of ‘My Story’ and have been exploring diary writing and comparing it to narrative styles as in The Boy with the Striped Pyjamas. Maths recaps on all of term 1 work to finalise fractions before moving on to look at decimals. The Science topic of ‘light & dark’ relationships to objects has begun and Year 6/7 are relating these findings to art shading to make self-portraits come alive.

Tamara & Kingsley did a great job on an extended Year 7 science project for light and energy by building a solar powered car.

Please note that ECAs start again next week, and we are delighted to offer a range of activities for pupils in Years 1 - 7. The current ECA list and sign-ups will be shared on Seesaw this afternoon.

Next Friday (20th January) we welcome parents to join us in the school playground at 11am to watch a Lion Dance to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year. A reminder for this event will be placed on Seesaw early next week.

Please enjoy a restful weekend.

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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