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Head of Seria Campus Message

A very enthusiastic ‘Welcome Back’ to all pupils and parents. We are delighted to have so many new pupil and families joining ISB Seria. We also would like to welcome back some returning staff…

We welcome back Miss Anna from her maternity leave – she will be working with pupils in Years 5 to 7. Miss Anna has a beautiful baby girl called Adlina.

We also welcome back Miss Ema who will be working in Year 2. Miss Ema previously worked at ISB Seria at the KB site, she has joined us from ISB Bandar and we welcome her back with open arms.

This week has been a short week, but staff and pupils have been working extremely hard. Here is a taster of the last few days at ISB Seria.

Pre-Kindy pupils have been resettling into their class routines, making relationships, and rediscovering their exciting learning environments. They have also welcomed a few new peers to Pre-Kindy this week. Kindy were also happy to welcome new pupils into their class and everyone seems to settle gently back to their routines as they rediscovered their learning space. They were busy learning new routines, playing with their friends (old and new) and exploring the meaning of 'Kindness' through story and games. Reception pupils were delighted to welcome their two new pupils this week. They have thoroughly enjoyed seeing their old friends and getting to know their new ones. They have been going over are classroom rules and learning why kindness is a superpower! They have also been recapping the phonemes learnt thus far.

Year 1 pupils were glad to greet and see their friends again this week. They especially loved spending time drawing on the new canvas and creating some fireworks projects using straws. The pupils have shared what they did over the holiday and came up with New Year’s resolutions. They also learnt how to name and sort some 3D shapes. Year 2s have had a wonderful return to school. They spent the past few days writing about their vacation, familiarising themselves again with Numbots and reading to Miss Lisa. It’s been so lovely seeing their smiling, happy and energetic selves again and Miss Lisa and Miss Ema cannot wait to start Term 2 with an amazing class!

It was wonderful to welcome back the Year 3 Kingfishers this week. They completed activities based on the book 'The Dot' to remind the children about using a growth mindset in their learning and explored what makes a successful team. Year 3 also dusted off their quick recall skills using dice games and started learning about international artists, starting with Kandinsky, by creating their own concentric circle art. Year 4 Cobra class were delighted to be back at school. They started a new topic this week called Inventions and Innovations. Year 4 studied innovative artists and recreated one of their pictures. They wrote blurbs for their new class book ‘Operation Gadgetman’ and inferred information about the story by looking at the front cover. Year 4 examined computers from both the past and the present and created a timeline of computer software.

As well as returning pupils, we also welcomed a new student to Year 5 this week. During English, the class wrote a diary entry from the perspective of a giant girl. They also heard a short entry from Anne Frank’s diary. In Topic, pupils researched what culture means to them and looked at different festivals, food and music from countries around the world. In Year 6 and 7, smiles and laughter are back for 2023. The class have hit the ground running with the topic of "My Story". Looking at nature & nurture, ethnicity, ancestry and culture – linked to history in Brunei - which all make up the story of ‘self’. They are 2 chapters into our term 2 book. "The Boy with the Striped Pyjamas" by Tony Boyne, an emotive story about 2 young boys on different sides of a wire fence during World War 2. A science inquiry into 'Light' starts next week!

Swimming starts again next week for pupils in Reception up to Year 7.

Please note that the days for Year 2 and Year 3 swimming have swapped – see Seesaw notice and/or email for more details if your child is in Year 2 or 3.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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