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Head of Seria Campus Message

Our CELEBRATION OF LEARNING DAY will be taking place next Friday (2nd December). Please do join us on site to celebration all the excellent teaching and learning which has taken place this term at ISB Seria.

This week at ISB Seria

Pre-Kindy children made their first field trip on Wednesday. They were all smiles and full of excitement going on the bus to Mumong Post Office. They bought stamps and posted their letters, which they wrote during literacy lessons. The children also went in the post van, wore the postman's helmet and sat on the motorbike. It was such great fun!

This week Kindy students took a closer look at the season of winter and learned about animals that live in cold climates. In Science, they have been learning how to make ice and why it melts. They also enjoyed fun filled activities such as ice painting, icy treasure hunt, exploring ice and water in sensory tray, making snowman greeting cards, counting by playing the snowman buttons counting game and joining in 'Freeze Dance'.

Reception have been learning the life cycle of a frog. They have been making frogs from egg cartons, going on a frog hunt and exploring the texture of frog spawn (made from chia seeds!)

Reception also had a pyjamas day, where they watched a short film and got to make their own popcorn.

Year 1 made a map of Brunei and looked at the route to get to our field trip site Luagan Lalak Recreation Park. Children enjoyed exploring the park on a rainy day. They used their senses to listen to the birds chirping and observe what is around them. They spotted some birds, sedges, trees, and fish. In Maths, we have continued to work on making fact families and subtraction.

Year 2 continued their lap book work on Dinosaurs. They discovered locations of dinosaurs and where they lived and added that information to a world map. They also created dinosaur footprints. In Maths they continued learning about 3D shapes and making a pyramid, cylinder, and cube in class. Each week they continue to expand their writing, spelling, and reading knowledge and Miss Lisa is so proud of how far they have come this term. Year 3 have continued to explore Ancient Egypt, learning more about the importance of cats and how the great pyramids were built. In Maths, they are becoming increasingly fluent in their multiplication facts and learning how to share and group. Great work this week kingfishers!

Year 4 have continued to write poems which describe the senses using colours of the emotional Zones of Regulation for guidance. They started a time unit in mathematics and revised am and pm and telling the time to the nearest minute. They drew a sketch for their civilization diorama and devised a required list of materials. They read the last chapter of the class book ‘Beasts of Olympus’ and completed a book review to depict their thoughts about the story. Year 4 loved their first swimming lesson of the year and can’t wait for next week. Year 5 have continued to write their Sci-Fi stories, building the suspense, using ellipses … and fronted adverbials. In Maths, they have worked out cube numbers, and have also divided and multiplied 6-digit numbers by 10, 100 and 1,000. In Topic, Year 5 have observed (safely of course) different solar eclipses and can now explain how they occur. Year 5 also enjoyed making a splash as they had their first swimming lesson of this year.

Year 6 and Year 7 have been exploring forensic science and looking closely at fingerprints, technology for biometrics and all the uses. English has been focused on how to best engage with the text to make inferences. In Maths, they have been exploring fractions (parts) and have been looking at the rules for adding and subtracting fractions.

One week to go until the December holidays! Please remember that there will be no ECAs next week (except the paid ROBOTICS ECA).

We are looking forward to seeing as many parents as possible at the Celebration of Learning Day next Friday.

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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