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Head of Seria Campus Message

Swimming returns for Year 3 to Year 7 pupils starting next Tuesday (22nd November). Details of the new swimming provision can be found on Seesaw Messages. Swimming lessons each Monday (for pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) remain unchanged and will continue until further notice.

This week at ISB Seria

Pre-Kindy have continued ‘mark-making’ using tripod grip pencils as their writing tool. In Art and Science, the pupils have tried their hands at colour mixing and identifying new colours correctly. In Kindy, pupils learnt to recall and retell a story in the correct sequence. They began by listening to the story 'There was an old lady who swallowed a fly’ and then they were provided with the props and resources to support them to retell the story through play. Reception pupils have recapped their key sounds in phonics, focusing on the formation when writing letters. They have also studied volcanoes, looking at what they are, where the nearest volcano is to Brunei and learning about the different types of volcanos.

Year 1 learnt to use positional language after reading the story ‘Bug’s Big Trip.’ Pupils used toys to practice using positional language in sentences. In Maths, they continued to work on subtraction and making different number facts. The pupils in Year 2 continued to learn about dinosaurs. They started their dinosaur lap book, putting together different information they learnt about dinosaurs. They also made a timeline about the different time periods dinosaurs were alive and illustrated this in their notebooks and as a classroom display. Year 3 ended the week with a wonderful archaeological dig at the beach. They discovered artefacts and discussed their possible uses and origin. Year 3 were also delighted to see a southern river terrapin exploring the area. Year 4 have discussed issues involving local habitat and wildlife. In Maths, they learned about how to calculate an area and how to create their own shapes.

Year 5 have looked at properties of prime and square numbers. In English, they have created a plan for their Sci-Fi story and will be taking you on adventures through the stars in the not-too-distant future. During topic lessons, pupils have looked at constellations they may find in our night sky and used watercolours to recreate planets. Year 6/7 pupils have been looking at ‘Animals - including humans’ and have examined amphibians, arthropods, reptiles & mammals. In English, Year 6/7 have finished their persuasive letter to Sherlock Holmes and this has been carefully edited, redrafted and written. In Maths, the pupils have been studying fractions (parts), numerators, denominators and mixed numbers. I am sure you will agree, it has been another exciting week of teaching and learning at ISB.


Friday 2nd December is our Celebration of Learning Day at ISB Seria campus. Please save the date and make sure you join us, in your child’s class, to take part in activities and see the fantastic work which has been completed this term.

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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