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Head of Seria Campus Message

Today’s date – 11th November – is traditionally known as ‘Remembrance Day’. In today’s assembly, Mr. Russell was dressed in his military uniform and spoke to the pupils about how Remembrance Day is an annual event where people from all over the world remember armed forces members who have died in the line of duty in wars and conflicts. The pupils discovered that Remembrance Day started after the First World War and has continued ever since. The pupils were also invited to join in with a few moments of silence as a sign of respect and thanks.

This week at ISB Seria

Pre-Kindy have started using ‘tripod grip’ pencils during mark making. They have been able to describe their emotions and talk about their pictures. They have also worked extra hard at making friendships by inviting their peers to explore role play activities, sharing resources and improving on their communication and language skills. Kindy pupils had a successful field trip to Seria Public Library on Tuesday. It was an incredible day as this was their first field trip and they enjoyed the experience of riding in the bus together with their friends. The aim of the trip was to promote a reading culture among our young pupils and for them to be familiar with what happens at the Public Library. They enjoyed looking at picture books, colouring and craft activities. In topic this week, Kindy made Aliens and painted some colourful planets.

Reception pupils have been learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly. They have learnt new vocabulary such as metamorphosis, pupa and chrysalis. In addition, they have been learning about how to recognise their feelings and how to handle their emotions in an appropriate manner. They have also been learning about why it is important to be active and careful listeners.

Year 1 have started to practice sequencing and retelling the story ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt.’ They have made a story map and came up with actions to retell the story out loud. Pupils also identified many adjectives used to describe the setting in a story. In Maths, they have continued to work with part whole model and focused on finding a part. Lastly, Ms. Fatin from Bandar visited to discuss about Zones of Regulation and ‘How our engines work’. Year 2 have continued their non-fiction learning journey about dinosaurs. They used metre sticks in the car park to show how small and big some of the most popular dinosaurs were. This helped them truly see their size! They then displayed the different dinosaur measurements with a bar graph. They looked at the different ways of classifying animals as either mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, amphibians or insects by grouping the animals by their characteristics. In Maths they used counters and base 10 blocks to show borrowing in subtraction.

Year 3 have continued exploring Ancient Egypt, learning more about Tutankhamun, and creating their own clay cartouches and Egyptian jewels. In Maths, Year 3 have worked towards mastering subtraction with exchange and in English they have improved ‘instructions’ by using adverbs and time connectives correctly. Year 4 have begun learning about area in mathematics. They designed a new type of housing for their new civilization topic. They created a ‘coil pot’ out of clay in their topic lessons. They designed posters warning of the plight of endangered animals. In guided reading, they have read a non-chronological report about Diwali.

Year 5 have looked at how to create suspense and tension in their sci-fi stories to keep readers on the edge of their seats. In topic, they used different techniques with chalk to create spiral galaxies and nebula artwork. In Maths, they have looked at how to find the Lowest Common Multiple of numbers. They used this skill to play the ‘Fizz-Buzz’ game. Year 6 and Year 7’s review of the Top Trumps for Historical Pioneers of Medicine saw big improvements in collaboration across the class and some excellent reasoning skills. In English, Lord & Lady Stoughton's persuasive letter to Sherlock Holmes has now been completed. In Maths, Fractions is well underway, greatly helped by the use of magnetic pieces for timed competitions on the board.

Another week of excellent teaching and learning!

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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