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Head of Seria Campus Message

It was a shorter week at ISB Seria, but that does not mean it was any less busy! Several members of Year 6, with Mr. Russell and Mrs. Davies, joined the ISB Bandar pupils for a 2 day adventure residential at the Sumbiling Eco Village in Temburong. A video of the highlights will be put together soon to be shared with all parents. In the meantime, please see some of the more ‘relaxing’ activities below including ‘blow pipe darts’ and ‘fishing’.

This week the Pre-Kindy children worked on exploring natural found resources such as rocks, shells, leaves, bark and twigs. They used their sense of sight, touch and smell during these lessons. These activities was also aimed at extending their vocabulary. Also this week, the children used tongs and pegs to pick coloured pompons and transfer them to egg cartons. They learnt to name colours, count the pompoms as well as increase their concentration, attention span and improve their hand-eye coordination.

Kindy students have been learning about numbers this week. They learnt to identify the written number symbols and their names by playing a scavenger numbers hunt game, matching ‘number cookies’ and playing hopscotch games. They also learned to count objects by using one to one correspondence when they engaged in activities such as counting natural objects and counting blocks while building towers.

Reception pupils focused on ‘listening and communication’ by going on a walk to the OGDC park - concentrating on sounds they could hear along the way. After the trip, they made a stick with items attached to represent the things they heard. The following day they presented their sticks to their peers, discussing in detail what they heard and how their stick represented the sounds. In addition, they have been looking at Uzbekistan in preparation for the international day celebration.

Year 1 have learnt about the sense of taste this week. Pupils observed their tongues and identified five different tastes by trying out foods. In Maths, they continued to rehearse making addition number sentences and number bonds within 10. In Literacy, pupils described the setting using adjectives after reading the book ‘We are going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen.

Year 2 have started their exploration of non-fiction texts, learning about the different features such as: facts and information, contents page and index page. In Maths, they have continued to add tens and ones together and looked at number families. In topic, they started learning about dinosaurs. They made fossils out of salt, flour and water. They used dinosaur toys to make footprint and outlines in the dough.

Year 3 have focused so well this week on using column addition to add two three-digit numbers with exchange! They have also designed their own healthy snack wrapper and included a wide range of scientific language to persuade people to buy it!

Year 4 have written the first and second paragraph of their report on a civilisation of their own choice. In mathematics they studied how to add 4-digit numbers with an exchange. They also looked for living things within their local environment and used a classification chart to name them. Year 4 continued to design their own civilization and focused on the type of housing, clothes and crops that they would like to introduce.

Year 5 have looked at solving multi-step addition and subtraction problems using bar modelling. In English, students travelled back in time to July 1969 and witnessed man landing on the Moon. They will now write a newspaper report telling us all about the event. During topic, Year 5 have looked at, and can recognise, the eight phases of the Moon.

Year 6/7 adventurers were exploring Sumbiling Eco Village this week on their residential and have thoroughly enjoyed the rich experience. River challenges, shelter making, jungle cookery and moonlight jungle treks with yellow eyes peering back at them, glowing mushrooms and exotic birdlife. Those remaining on campus have been using order of operations in maths for code breaking and solving mysterious clues. English has revealed some budding suspense novelists in the making.

Have a great weekend and I hope to see many parents this week either at the Parent Teacher meetings or during International Day on Friday 21st October.

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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