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Head of Seria Campus Message

What a busy and productive week it has been at ISB Seria. The obvious highlight was the return of Pre-Kindy and Kindy pupils to campus. It was so wonderful to see smiling pupils (and parents!) at the beginning and end of each day. A huge thank you to all the Pre-Kindy and Kindy staff for all their efforts to make this return smooth for all concerned. Following all the guidelines and requirements from the Ministry of Education, the pupils finally got to meet their teachers and friends face-to-face. They enjoyed singing songs, listening to stories and exploring their individual ‘Treasure Bags’ in their own learning environment.

Reception pupils have been learning new sounds in Phonics and creating their own Flying Dinosaur. Highlights from this week can be seen HERE.

Year 1 have been designing their own ‘dream toy’ whilst reading the book The Old Toy Room to learn about elements of a story. Year 2 have started reading the text Mrs. Mole, I’m Home! The pupils have written adjectives to describe moles and have started to use conjunctions within their sentences with great success!

Volcanic eruptions have taken place with a ‘bang’ in Year 3, where pupils have been producing some excellent non-chronological reports. Year 4 have been busy writing their diaries and solving equivalent fractions. Further exploration is being carried out by our young researchers in Year 5 and 6 who have been finalising their diary entries, linked to pollution and the impact it has on animals.

Well done to all our STARS OF THE WEEK (class award and PE award). Make sure you check the ‘Blog’ section of Seesaw to see these certificates and examples of the excellent work produced throughout ISB Seria.

Have a restful weekend!

Rick Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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